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  1. so i've passed over 10 classes with an A by only showing up for the tests.

    college = success.

    but then i've narrowly passed/failed over 10 classes because of my introversion when that dreaded "form groups of three" time comes for that ridiculously % heavy project, I end up with some group that needed one more guy. which turns out to be that group where person A decides to have their grandma die when we have our last minute huddle at that library none of us are familiar with but happened to be at the center of all of our homes. And person B turned out to be that girl that doesn't know the difference between "the internet" and a browser, and adds hilariously unnecessary "the"'s before every unfamiliar word. ("k, i start up the mozilla"...... "press on the bookmarks"............ "then go to the google". Reminds me of that lady in no country for old farts "AH GOT THE CANCER!"

    so yeah, if santa is real, then I will get an A in Ethnic Studies, otherwise my dreams are crushed and I only pass with a C because we will not have the 3 people required to present our masterpiece that likely will not be a masterpiece. :) Good luck with any remaining finals!


  2. Adjusting to new things:


    -new place indoor boundaries during your middle of the night voyages in blackness (damn corners!)


    -pool water temp

    - ....forums

    And my pinky toe hitting everything it can. :mad:

  3. I was bored and going through recent and not so recent history on sufu, and came across some good stuff. Too lazy to find the posts but mainly:

    comments on some dudes waywt pic looking like a polish physics TA. <<lol

    kodiak's posts <<LoL

    comments to kodiak <<LOL

    some chain of comments that went: "hardest thing about rollerblading?" -- "keeping your jaw relaxed"(LOL) -- "telling your parents you're gay".

    I know i fail for not finding the exact posts, but it was good stuff at 1am.

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