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  1. People that hold up lines everywhere with their futile attempts at getting the person they're dealing with to sympathize with how ridiculous (to them) some regulations affecting them are.

    Ex: library holds. so many people seemingly can't comprehend simple rules.

  2. Careful with what you eat too, higher calories is only half the battle. If you eat too much fiber you can end up losing weight. It's harder to digest so your metabolism shoots up to do so, burning not only those calories but your stored as well.

  3. jroc.jpg

    Message he sent me:

    wat it do lil momma

    ghettofresh_thumb.jpg My response:

    chundermonkeys, dawg

    jroc_thumb.jpg Him:

    say wat wats dat

    ghettofresh_thumb.jpg Me:

    snibsnib snazzle ya hear?

    jroc_thumb.jpg Him:

    wat talk english

    ghettofresh_thumb.jpg Me:

    I don't believe the word "wat" shows up in the English dictionary.

    jroc_thumb.jpg Him:

    my bad so whats good

    ghettofresh_thumb.jpg Me:

    girlscout tuba slammas over a rainbow of salt vacuums ya hurr?

    this one is too nonsensical. too funny

  4. Yeah im happy for Nadal, sad for Federer so it's hard to side with someone. But honestly, I'm for Fed, followed his uprising since the beginning, and glad to be a fan during his reign. Hoping to continue while he makes history.

    Nadal was too good when he needed to be, and Federer blew it on crucial (and often easy) points. =\

    1. I sat unmoving for 2 minutes before typing this <
    2. I love the cold.
    3. I do not love cold toilet seats.
    4. It's 2:26 AM.
    5. I landed on obese on the BMI chart 9 months ago.
    6. I'm now in the "Ideal" box bordering the "Underweight" box.
    7. I have stretch marks. Looks like I emerged victorious against a tiger though. All gooood.
    8. I love food.
    9. It's 2:30 AM.
    10. I was caught watching porn on my laptop in the library.
    11. I wasn't really, I just didn't know what I was clicking on.
    12. I'm not into POV ones anyway.
    13. I am now craving St. Nick's Mint from Golden Spoon, damn seasonal flavors!
    14. It is now 2:34 AM.
    15. I hate those moments where you hate yourself, your life, your future, and your past all at the same time.
    16. I don't understand much of what gets + rep around here.
    17. I'm taking the time to though.
    18. I think too much.
    19. I need funner factz.
    20. I just finished watching the australian open final. Serena should be ATP.
    21. I want to know what goes on during gamestop interviews. Specifically the moment the interviewer is convinced he/she has found a winner.
    22. I chew on the left side.
    23. I have 3 scars from running into windows both opened and closed.
    24. I took almost half an hour proofing this, really? Really now?
    25. I want a double double with grilled onions and fried pickles.

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