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  1. My lame landlord won't let me have a pet and being the dog lover that I am, I would like to volunteer to walk someone's dog. I know there must be someone who works long hours or an elderly person who cannot get out. So if you have a doggy that needs to be walked give me a call or email me. I prefer some place close in the South Bay.


    (310) 413-2272

    Surely a trap. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/vol/1368680615.html

    HI!!!! GUY

    WE ARE YOUNG THAI BOY 20-27 year olds. Handsome , Cute and Young Thai boy (((((Magic hand)))))


    LOCATION:::::: West Hollywood ((((One block West Of Crescent High))))Main Stree Santamonica


    Thai Massage 45/hr.

    Thai Combination 45/hr.

    Swedish and Swedish Deep Tissue 50/hr.

    We are Professional Thai Massage ,Thai Combiantion and Swedish ,Swedish Deep Tissue.((((Try Us))))))

    Telephone:::: 323-654-2044

    We Serve You {{{{{ FULL BODY Massage }}}}} and Give You {{{{{EXCELLENT Service}}}}}} Wow!!!!! Relaxing Massage and Very Happy

    (((((Private Room))))))) and ((((((Same Picture)))))) PLEASE TRY US ONE TIME CALL!!!!!!323-654-2044

    all of them? really? http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/ads/1358266912.html
  2. Yeah, makes me wonder about that shake three times and youre playing with it rule. I shake it like an almost empty bottle of shampoo. I know you in there!!!

    I hate that student that beats around the bush when they need to borrow something. "oh noes, dang i got the wrong scantron lol! *pleading stare*" Do I look like a fucking student store?

  3. Flaked on today, so, lonely om nom edition:

    Made this just now, spinach linguini w/onion/cayenne ppr/sea salt/salmon cooked in jalapeno olive oil then chopped. Wished it looked more presentable, but twas tasty precious:


    With a side of:


    Lunch earlier:

    Honey bbq hot wings + diet A&W. still think KFC > wing stop wings. Both trashy, but these have more spot-hitting properties. =)


  4. Macroeconomics. Uggghhh.

    Cashier small talk.

    Getting caught picking my nose.

    Being told at a drive-thru to wait up front.

    My balls deciding to hang low at the wrong times.

    That one fucking kernel shell that stabs my gums at the movies.

    Extra perky people on monday mornings.

    That one fob that stands homoliciously close to my ass in any line.

    When my yolk pops while I'm cooking it. Fuck! Shit!

  5. Psychic dragon punch. Gambling, it paid off tho.

    Wong's alright, just showing his pride in front of his home crowd. He always been like that so no surprises, they all friends anyway, hung out night before, blogged gootecks.

  6. At Fry's bathroom:

    I walk in, get in stall, as I begin to piss dude next to me asks: "so what's up tonight?", :confused: I said quietly "uh not much, looking for a laptop case..." he then says very quietly "let me call you back". O_O In 3 seconds I weighed my options and their consequences. I proceeded to flush and bolted with the quickness.


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