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  1. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    Picked up my shirt today. Definitely should have picked a bigger size. Hope those who are waiting will have better luck than me.
  2. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    Base on the hem width measurement, I need size change from 36 to 38. Hope I still can make it in time. Do I need to get confirmation first or just tell Inoue-san in the email? Thanks.
  3. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    Ranchman Denim size 36. No alterations. Thanks.
  4. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Interested of getting a pair of bucktites myself. I'm a true 33", would the 31" available in online SE shop be ok?
  5. Post your DUCKS!

    Looking for a duck pants similar color and fits to Roy's, any recommendation? Or anyone wanna sell Roy's duck in 32?
  6. SE05BSP or SEXI14 ? Wearing AW Raker sz 33, what size should I get?
  7. Flathead BSP, Context Store Credit

    pm'ed about the bsp