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    Is this "terratex" fabric just a durable stretch woven that performs very well, essentially? 94% nylon 6% elastane is the exact composition of many schoeller dryskin variants and also some of the dryskin extreme variants. You can get that fabric on rockywoods.
  2. miiikejohn

    Urban Techwear

    can anyone ID this x-pac accessory? extremely aggressive/dynamic styling cues.. Peeped it on someones IG story but haven't heard back yet..
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    ^^ Thought that was the case , glad to have a bunch of easier options without the confusion
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    Visvim Community Sale Thread

    WTB Nez Perc Ancestors size 9.5 , yes I know these are old as heck. If anyone has these in excellent condition or better send me a messsage.
  5. miiikejohn

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    You didnt hear about the datasets apparently, your just misinformed. All 3 designs are just rectangles with zippers at the top. To try to claim one pioneered that design is the real joke here.