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  1. 8 hours ago, Reylius said:

    Hey everyone, always impressive works done here and lot of inspirations to try to make some stuffs !

    I've tried to do a pattern for something looking like CP2 but with removable sleeves. I was trying yesterday to find a way to buy some Schoeller WB-400, but unavailable everywhere. On shelbyoutdoor, they sell a dryskin extreme but at 260g/m2 instead of 390g/M2, so 2/3 of the weight. 

    Do you guys have any ideas where I can find this fabric, or at least something similar? I've looked on extremtextil, shelby, rocky but i'vent seen something which can match. Any ideas/recommendations ?

    sounds like a fun project! also not too complicated, since the cp2 is basically a large rectangle with 2 holes for arms (with some fidlock hardware)

    pretty sure wb-400 or an equivalent is available on extremtextil, on lunch break right now but shoot me a pm and i'll hit you with a link 2n


    also headsup,  not sure if you've ever worked with a fabric thats 390 g/m2 but thats pretttty heavy and you'll have some pretty bulky seams.

    250-300 would still have decent body while being much easier to work with

  2. 9 minutes ago, danii said:

    DAMN! Can't wait to be called out for copying acrnm products next month.

    maybe i missed something, but their mod drop was just boring re-releases of their previous tec sys drops + the 3a-mp3ts

    are you planning on dropping mods in all 3 colors something? 

  3. 21 minutes ago, brainerd666 said:

    This whole thing got thrown way out of context. Nobody said or implied that the hood wouldn’t change drastically between S-L or whatever. However- It won’t change that much between a small and medium by and large in Acronym products. Which is what we’re discussing. Not other products. Somebody just felt the need to throw out random hood sizes based on various items in the Acronym catalog. Not the size differences in those actual items. I don’t get why this is so hard peoples. 

    really when it comes down to it, people who are paying $1400 fat ones on a nylon jacket that is desirable because of cut, fit, and materials want to know how it will fit and have as much info as possible before purchasing.  if you are down to drop over a G on a coat that you can put on (but does not fit not how you want it to) thats on you. 

    you seem to act like you are extremely knowledgeable about this,  yet your answer is that the sizing doesn't change "that much".  That's your depth of knowledge after buying ACR for years? That doesn't tell anyone jack shit.  Is "that much" a quantifiable value that you can measure?

    lmao please let us know how one can measure "that much" ,  good sir , all of us are patiently waiting 


  4. On 2/27/2019 at 4:50 PM, mizzar said:

    So.... Guys.
    Now working on some summer pants but all thin fabrics i found are just not robust enough for my chunky legs :) 
    Desperately looking for that Terratex 94% Nylon 6% Elastane blend Arc uses.
    Googling doesn't help, due Arc being one and only who marks that fabric this way.
    Somebody, pleeease help, if only with another name of this fabric
    If its factory with giant MOQ i could negotiate sample for myself, or even buy up to 100m.
    really desperate here, 35+ Celsius last summer, here)


    Is this "terratex" fabric just a durable stretch woven that performs very well, essentially? 94%  nylon 6% elastane is the exact composition of many schoeller dryskin variants and also some of the dryskin extreme variants. You can get that fabric on rockywoods.

  5. can anyone ID this x-pac accessory? extremely aggressive/dynamic styling cues.. 

    Peeped it on someones IG story but haven't heard back yet..



  6. FS :

    1.) E-J21 SIZE MEDIUM. Black in 9/10 condition.

    Comes with everything. $550 shipped domestic.

    2.) SS-CP1 SIZE SMALL.  Black in BRAND NEW WITH TAGS condition.  I never received bag or spec sheet.

    Comes with sling as expected.

    $1300 domestic.  I've had numerous offers and numerous flakers. Come correct. 



    e_j21lightshellepicdualhybridinteropsjacketblack2.jpg 1000×1000 ピクセル

    I do not ship internationally unless we iron out details via PM first.

  7. I just wanna be clear here...


    That discussion started because one guy was criticized several times for posting his J28 on grailed and here, overpriced.


    It sounds like after the discussion, most have agreed that listings on grailed with sky high prices are perfectly cool with yall, since its just to start a conversation to get the sale...


    I've just been lurking... but

    pretty confusing 180 degree turn if you ask me

  8. hey guys, was gonna ask if anyone could help with any info

    I had heard many stories early on about people ordering from acronym directly and paying COD tax charges, but hadn't experienced it firsthand.


    I ordered a 3a-1 and a set of mp2ts and have a COD charge of 159.24 from UPS.  What exactly is this tax for?? Does it go to UPS or to acronym??  After reading some, it seems very unclear.  


    Thanks to any experienced fellas willing to help. Cheers 


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