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  1. I would take healed pictures, but I have no decent camera :/ Got some work done by Nathan Kostechko and Nico Roussin when I was on leave



  2. Not too sure if it's serious but a slight rash made of really small blisters appeared around one side of my new tattoo. It's just a bit itchy. Should I be worried? Can't really find too much info online but I'm guessing it's a possible allergy

  3. Aw, fuck. That was supposed to be a positive rep, fingers too fat for my phone

    Guy le tatooer is leaving San Francisco right before I get there for leave :/

  4. Well, my last appointment with him I booked a bit over a month before the date but it got canceled. I'm not too sure how long it is at this time because he knew I was gonna come back. I'd guess the wait for him is no more than a couple months if not less

  5. Eh, some people really don't dig that sorta shit but I really like mandalas and the such. I'm kinda of a tanner dude so I'm gonna try to stick with black work. Dillon Forte is in the bay and has some pretty cool stuff, too. I was hoping to get some forearm work done but the workplace is changing the rules about shit you can see in a t shirt


    Do you know of any places that do similar black work to Michael and Erik in LA? I've been looking but can't find shit

  6. I got a couple pieces from Erik... he does good work... pretty fast too

    Yeah, I heard he's pretty quick, too. I talked to him for a bit when I was in SF and he was really cool. I had an appointment with Michael at 2spirit but stuff went down and he had to cancel day of. I'm thinking of going to both of them when I get back in January, though

  7. Not sure where to post this but here it goes


    I was looking to purchase a dslr to upgrade from the rebel XSi I purchased a few years ago that I gave to my bro. I really haven't shot digital for a while but have been using an old 35mm just for fun. I was looking at the Canon 70D or the Nikon D7100 with the 35 1.8 or 28 1.8. I was thinking the 17-40 for the 70D but the 70D isn't full frame :/ I was most likely going to purchase from B&H. I Lense recommendations that are good for general use would be helpful, too.


    I am mostly gonna be shooting in the dark for the next few months, shooting the Northern Lights, and nothing else too specific. I wanted the video option and have a hard time deciding between the 70D's video which I've been reading was better than the D7100's video, but at the same time the D7100 seems to better for photography and such. I also was looking to get a tripod that would work well for camping and hiking so lightweight, sturdy gear is a plus. I still have to acquire Lightroom and some sort of bag. Recommendations for all the equipment would be appreciated. I'm really looking to spend as least as possible but would like the best bang for my buck.


    Thank you and sorry for this long ass post. Here are some random shots from no clue when










  8. I'm in the same boat as you but SF has a good amount of artists that do black work if you don't mind the drive. First stop as soon as I get to go back to California. Eric Jacobsen at Idle Hand, Michael Bennet at 2Spirit, and the rest of 2Spirit do black work, too.

  9. Does anyone have any tips on making my 17:00 2-mile to around 15:30 in about 30 days, if even possible? As you can tell, I'm an extremely slow runner. I'm pretty short and stocky, 5'5 and about 154lb, and I never really enjoyed running but I think it partly has to do with the way I walk/run which is weird. Can someone recommend a routine that's 5-6 days a week? I lift regularly without much cardio, too. I was thinking cut a bit of weight and do a mixture of short faster runs and then a distance run or two?

    Thanks in advance

  10. I think he means the reverse of a chin up where your hands would be facing you on the pull up bar. Basically, palms facing away from you on the bar and then do a pull up. I usually go farther than shoulder width

  11. Wrestling season is coming up and I'm currently trying to bulk as much as I can because I'll pretty much be cutting for a couple months. Does anyone recommendations on a routine that I could do 3 times a week, might be able to do 4-5 a week, to maintain strength? I was thinking push/pull/legs?

  12. Looking to get a puppy or young dog and was looking at shelters in the southern California/long beach area. Anyone have any recommendations on shelters? And is there anything I should know and look into before adopting one? I've never owned a dog before, too. Thanks in advance

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