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  1. You should listen to thaiison and sell me your Raf jacket :)

    Nah, man. I think I'll keep it. It's from Fall 2001 and I've been looking for a good piece from those early-2000 seasons for awhile now.

  2. LOL true!

    dude this looks like shit, sorry. top half you look like a nazi and apc's fits bad, too short and tight

    I'm not white, hence Nazi-esque qualities are not possible. And yeah, the APCs are a bit tight but this is the first full day I've worn them after a wash and crotch repair, so they haven't stretched back out yet. They did shrink a bit more in the inseam than I'd like though. :/

  3. sorry calvin not feeling that look in the least, its just too fucking mid 90's nerd

    Yeah. Everything including the soft face and weird haircut makes him look like he has a touch of Downs.

  4. Last Saturday night I was with my girl and some of her friends to check out a band. I found the music completely mediocre so I went outside for a cigarette. While there, I spotted this dope Indian girl and struck up a brief conversation with her while she waited for the bus. A minute or two later, I got her number and the bus whisked her off into the night.

    I made plans to meet up with her tomorrow. I should really be ashamed of myself for my actions, but I'm not.

  5. she is super pretty now, but i wonder how she will look in 20 years...hmmmm.

    The same as any other chick: twenty years older and not as hot. Considering you're just twirling your meat to images of her, that seems like very petty criticism.

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