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  1. Hey, I know mainline is kinda like a curse word here, but I have this EVISU FOOTBALL BALL from the store display (I guess it was 2002 Saville row store). It's just been collecting dust around and it does not spark joy. If anyone thinks has a better home for it (and pays shipping from Europe) I would gladly give it away. Just PM me.

    Thanks and great 2020!


  2. Probably a gildan shirt to join the collection of blame, futura, roborace and highsnobiety.

    Hopefully the white chestbox jacket is not ruined by any ivory hardware.

  3. I don't know what is your relationship with hotoveli or acronym. I don't know if you have closed the dropbox right after you saw it contains leaks (just capturing the source). Telling them that someone leaked their pics is not any white hat hacker reporting critical exploit. It might feed the resellers (if they were remotely interested in anything else than 30s and 1As) but it might also give you the extra time to investigate the items and decide what you really want (instead of investigating after the drop and missing them because someone instacopped item to return later). That's probably why hotoveli provided someone with the files too. These few days will not help any fakers - if they want to reproduce closest to 1:1 they have to buy the item anyway.



  4. On 3/14/2017 at 5:46 PM, batmanmovies said:


    YKK was not really willing to sell us less than 30000 back in the day (2016) someone was looking for them. On the other hand you might be lucky as I heard that there were few spotted in Russia (but not sure if the guy did not buy them all), as I was not interested in those I did no further investigation. They were also spotted on some chinese marketplaces after the DAF release. 

  5. Unfortunately I have not seen the Duraflex Evil eye Tensionlock sold anywhere. Also you won't find exact same olive ribbon and elastic webbing, so I would suggest making a better version yourself. If you have someone who is Duraflex customer around he can ask for sample qty of the desired tensionlock.

  6. I uploaded the video about AOKU (re-recording of the moscow presentation I did in the VERISIUM x ITEMS.MAGAZINE talk. Involves superfuture so I am shamelessly placing it here too.


  7. black-ocean-shorts-full-front-wet-harnes

    WTS: VOLLEBAK OCEAN SHORTS [L] worn twice, they are too big for me and I failed to return them in time. 195EUR 95EUR [shipped earthwide]

    they are great pair of shorts and I will buy smaller, so just in case someone is having S/M for trade I would be even happier

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342