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  1. denime xx type & 66xx type 2 year contest

    I'll post some pics later today as well!
  2. denime xx type & 66xx type 2 year contest

    about 10 months 6 washes + a few soaks
  3. Shoes that look better with age...

    I got them from a german online shop called troph--e-shop, a few others from here got them as well, and i just took the smallest size they had which was 41, the boots are marked size 7. as a reference i wear a pair of RW iron rangers in a US size 7
  4. Shoes that look better with age...

    Here's my pair of cheap roughouts i got in january, did a new coat of snoseal + a coat of kiwi brown. Shiny huh?
  5. denime xx type & 66xx type 2 year contest

    Gave my pair another wash today but before that did some reinforcements: Also reinforced the back seam as it had a small rip. I'll try and post some progress pics tomorrow when they're dry.
  6. denime xx type & 66xx type 2 year contest

    Great job guys! Pomata, how many washes? have to spread!
  7. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    No, i didn't. i hemmed them after the second soak. And it wasn't just soaks, more like hand washing without detergent, lots of agitation. And in those post soak pics i actually have a small cuff on them and they are pulled up. i can still loose some more in the length.
  8. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    So i bought me a pair of 55's and got them last week. Thought i would post some before and after measurements/pics as there wasn't that much info on the recent 55's. Size 33/34 Presoak: Waist: 34.5 Front rise: 12.8 back rise: 16.5 Thigh: 12.9 Hem: 8.6 inseam: 33.5 post soak after 1 long hot soak with lots of agitation and another shorter lukewarm soak. waist: 32 FR: 12.2 BR: 15.2 Thigh: 12.5 Hem: 8.2 Inseam: 31.1 PRESOAK POSTSOAK (and hemmed) PRESOAK POSTSOAK (and hemmed) I'm getting a little tired of cuffing, so i hemmed these to fit me exactly. BTW, just won an auction for a ticket to see U2 in helsinki on saturday. Guess what my seat number is....that's right 501!
  9. denime xx type & 66xx type 2 year contest

    looking really good aztec! couple of more pics, 6 months
  10. denime xx type & 66xx type 2 year contest

    Gave my pair a 30 degree machine wash today. about 6 months, 3 washes, 2 soaks with detergent: still a bit wet when this pic was taken, can post some more pics in the next couple of days.
  11. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I have pretty much decided to go for the 55s as my next pair, tried a pair at Sivletto in stockholm some weeks ago and really liked the fit and denim, really should have bought them then and there (size 33x34) because they were sold out today when i checked their web shop. the only other place that i've found that has that size is of course cultizm, but i read somewhere that the sizing differs depending on which batch they are. i did contact cultizm about the actual measurements but haven't gotten a reply yet. any thoughts?
  12. denime xx type & 66xx type 2 year contest

    Yup, salaami those jeans do look great but will most likely not make the 2 years, not with those repairs! I really haven't worn my denimes that much during july, too damn hot.