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  1. any news on the tshirt design?

    any news on the sufu tshirts going out to contestants?

    That would be cool, should make a DB contest shirt and send one out to all the contestants!(Which, I think, is less than 36.)

    Just playin man, get whatever you want, hahahaha.

  2. Did you break out in hives the first time or something? Oftentimes people grow out of certain food allergies or problems. I had a lot of friends who used to be allergic to food/alcohol but they no longer are. Likewise, some are developing allergies now.

    I was close to becoming lactose intolerant, like all other Asians. But I escaped, after a long and hard battle.


  3. What's up with this white background shit man. Taking pictures of food is fun but to put it on a white background is kinda weird man. :confused:

    In n Out be in my tummy before I would even get a chance to set it up like that.

  4. Well...first I think a lot of you guys think the xx-011s are noticeably gray. That's not the case though, they are just a darker shade of blue...I'm not sure how to explain it. I'll get some better shots in a month or so when I'm done with school.

  5. Do you have any updated pics shown with moar lighting?

    I left my camera at home but I went on a trip to SF recently and look at what we stumbled upon in Chinatown!

    Photobucket had a panda hat, how fitting.


    So...the jeans look a bit tight in the picture I dunno why but...yeah

    Banksy Original! There were signs and stuff in Chinese[chinatown] and english saying it was part of his new documentary, which I really wanted to watch but...missed it's limited showings.

    Jeans are also more faded now, can't tell in photo.

  6. anyone have tips for minimizing the pbj hip flare aside from the power stance. My XX-011s are still pretty stiff, will the flare hopefully work itself out? And lastly, assuming I care enough to take them to the tailor, is that even something that they can fix?

    HAhahahahahaha. You must learn to love it, or abandon PBJ.

    And the tailor will look at you weird.

    Fixing it would cost a lot.

  7. ???

    modaxxa, one wash basically means they do the initial soak for you. The BKs, to your surprise, stand for black and there is actually no indigo in the jeans.

    And they will fade, I have no idea what A Beard of Stars is talking about.

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