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  1. im sorry, but i hate how people are so apologetic when they don't wear "sufu approved" shit.

    like what the fuck is sufu approved shit?

    stop trying to suck our dicks and wear whatever the fuck you want.

    am i going to get neg repped if i wear jordans with my jeans?

    i agree. but ppl will neg rep leaving comments like 'kill yourself'. its pretty f'd up..

  2. i want a pair of FBTs in wild homo colors. the teal ones are alright, but the purple ones from a while back are probably my favorites

    i have some bright blue fbt's for sale size us10 brand new low price

  3. moleskine knockoffs? or collab? i find it weird that they did a long sleeve and a short sleeve oxford. there's also quite a bit of long sleeved items for a spring summer collection.

    because rolled longsleeve shirts > short sleeve shirts

    lots of nice items imo

  4. thanks for the info on this page, i'm looking for a loose cut and thought the 47 would be a good pick. but according to this page, 55 would be a better pick? because i have the 54's and those are a very slim/skinny fit. i assume there is a huge difference between the 55 and 54?

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