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  1. brainmonster

    Sugar Cane Denim

    I have the sugar cane Hawaii's and they basically look like the pictures on that site (you can see the picture of the turtle on the back patch with the hair still on the hide). The Okinawas have the snakeskin patch and don't appear to be quite as streaky for some reason and are a little darker. Hawaii's are my favorite pair and the streaking and overall vintage effect is pretty striking, and the crotch never busted due to the vintage fit, I don't know if the natural fiber adds durability but I think it does, if you've felt sugar cane plants before you will know what I mean. My pair of PBRs just really looked like only normal jeans after 10 years and don't really stand out (My ex-girlfriend threw them away cause I hadn't washed them for 4 months or something, annoying). I haven't bought sugar cane again but now I only buy really rugged uneven looking denim weaves, I think it produces a really interesting fade.
  2. Just FYI I bought some PBJs in the past and they were beautiful in the beginning, but eventually the slubs wore off and the crotch busted. I didn't think the fabric was particularly durable, if I could do it over again I would get something really high OZ like Iron Heart or even Brave Star (Los Angeles brand which some people are talking about).
  3. I'm a 31 and I undersized to 29 and eventually they stretched out, basically they ended up a skinny fit but pretty uncomfortable for awhile.I wish I would have gotten my normal size or 1 size up, at Hinoya they originally recommended size 31 or 32 for me. But that was 10 years ago, I would search recent posts, sometimes Japanese brands recently will taper the waist inward because Japanese people are way skinnier with narrower hips, and the waistband measures less than the hip width (If that makes any sense) so recently when I went to Hinoya I was having to wear 33,34, even 35-36 in a lot of brands, even Iron Heart (I'm US size 31). So definitely search recently posts unless you get the option to return them. They are beautiful and have lasted for years with no crotch bust, they are really utilitarian and rugged and my more expensive jeans have busted years earlier. They are really streaky from the natural fiber and look really from the 1940's or something now, and have faded 10x better than all my other jeans. Sugar Cane is top notch and at the top of my list and they are way cheaper than Momotaro, PBJ, Denime, etc. which I've tried. Those are kind of marketing/trend heavy brands but Sugar Cane is the real deal.
  4. With flip-flops and a popped collar? I'll give it a shot.
  5. What's the superfuture look these days? Is it still cool to wear American apparel and chucks? I'm not really into buying really expensive high end workwear except for jeans.
  6. Look it up on google maps. It's a bit far out of the city, I didn't want to go that far, but it could be interesting. I went by Evisu but they were painting the back of the jeans or some shit with paint and marking them up, and it was way too expensive for the price. I think Japan Blue was really good, lots of selection, but Momotaro was a bit lacking, it didn't have their full line. All Japanese stores will hem your jeans for free, if you want that. I like the stacks but the hemmed look is popular in Japan and looks really clean.
  7. What's the "superfuture look" these days? I remember it used to be American Apparel T-Shirt, selvedge jeans, and chucks. Is it still that or what is it now? American apparel seems to have dropped off in popularity but I still think the cuts of their shirts are pretty slick.
  8. brainmonster

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    Back patch says this model: 0805S http://www.momotarojeans.com/item/124.html Full price is like 24,000 yen so a pretty good deal.
  9. brainmonster

    Sugar Cane Denim

    I agree. They’re one of the older brands so I think theyve streamlined their production process. They seem to last longer than the other “fancy” brands I’ve owned too. Try Japan Blue or Denime also, they’re older larger companies and prices are a lot lower than the smaller boutique brands. Sugar Cane tops are really cool too, but they are really expensive and in line with other brands pricewise.
  10. brainmonster

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    Found these thrifting in Tokyo for only $50! Not sure what model. Stretching out the waistband. Seems like Japanese don’t even like their own stuff. Crappy old Levi’s and Lee’s going for $100+, used Barbour coats for like $400. All foreign stuff way overpriced and Japanese brands pretty cheap. My Japanese friend doesn’t like Hinoya. He says they’re all “fakes”. Lol. I think he bought a pair of Alden’s for like $800.