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  1. Artist Denim, size return goods

    size 32 still available?
  2. Stronghold World Tour

    Nice fit on that shirt, wainting for mine!
  3. APC

    New Cure size 33 (sized down 1) 6 1/2 months - One rain soak at month 2 and 1 soak at 6 months
  4. The Flat Head 3001 World Tour

    I´m in, if you´re ever interested in your jeans travelling to south america, specifically Argentina.
  5. Transatlantic Jeans Project for Two

    Glad to see this thread alive!
  6. Flathead 1001, after 2nd wash and a couple of soaks [/url] "]
  7. Thai Levi's Fakes

    Anyone willing to proxy some evisu fakes from thailand?
  8. Stronghold World Tour

    I think we are running one month late! Do you think it´s going to be posible for the jeans to arrive before december 23rd to Argentina?
  9. Levi's Imprint

    Need your help. Which cut is skinnier 513 or 511?
  10. The Flat Head

    1001´s, recently gave them a hot soak [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]
  11. Evolution of Leather Goods: Before and After Pictures

    I just wanted something diferente because I do not take the netbook except I travel in my car and actually it´s pretty confortable!
  12. so, i'm having a pair of jeans made . . . .

    Anyone got these jeans? More pics?
  13. denim modification thread

    Shark, your work is great!
  14. Stronghold World Tour

    Vote for blue...
  15. Evolution of Leather Goods: Before and After Pictures

    Custom Netbook carry-case. 3 months old, not treated. Sorry for my blury Iphone pics but my cam is broken. [