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  1. 5 dollars left in my checking kinda blows. if you dont like my prices fuck off and buy uniqlo collab clothes or somethin. if none of this sells for the prices i offer, i dont mind keeping all of it lol.

    i do not want to trade for any other gear atm so dont flood my inbox with trade offers for like 5 of your luc scarves.

    prices do not include shipping/paypal fees. pm me for questions about whatever. throw me offers.

    will provide my own pictures and measurements (if wanted) when i get home

    Haider Ackermann double layer shorts

    Copped this shit from Mass a while ago, wore them for a while, and finally stopped wearing them when I started gaining weight (lolll). Wool shorts with double layer viscose legging attachments that can either be pulled up (see mass pic) or worn down (see my shitty pic). I'm a size 29 and they sit on my waist perfectly. Im pretty sure this is a womans piece and is supposed to be worn with a belt. 2 diagnol zips to put your Yugioh decks in (fuck with my synchro psychic deck / mtg blows).

    $200 obo






    fits like a size 44-46. worn a lot, but still in good condition. due to the construction (slashes) it has a few frayings and small holes on the arms here and there but other than that its in pristine shape. has 1 snap button on the chest area to turn it into a top. has another one on the edge of one panel to make it a cardi. one pocket on each side panel. good summer jawn n layerin piece for winter.

    you will no doubt get 1,000+ notes from angsty fashionista all black tumblr girls with this thing on.

    $450, and nothing less (copped for a mess load)

    yo im hungry $350 obo

    throw me offers fuckers


    more fitpics and shi here

  2. thanks. nice pun pun avy, where do you read? need to catch up on it

    im around 5'7-5'9 i dont know im pretty short and i dont wanna check to see exactly how short i am and a medium fits pretty well on me (tad bit long). pretty slim throughout the torso and the sleeves are nice and slim too.

  3. anyone watchin fate/zero? finally caught up to episode 21. shits gettin intense.

    barely found out it was a prequel to a whole other series... so now im watchin fate/stay night. shit is good, but i hate how much of a pansy shirou is compared to kiritsugu.

    hoping this dude dies and saber gets transferred to someone else.

    edit: NVM

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