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  1. yoooooooooo lookin' for some cool low tops. dont want your rick crepe sole boots (alrdy got a pair). dont want your doma creepers unless theyre super cheap. dont want your hot topic creepers. i've seen pretty some cool creepers from yohji, cdg, jil, bless, n even raf (those double creeper boots in the market r super sick but fuck that dude wants ilke 1.3k fuuuuck that rather get another pair of avantindietros lmao)

    oh yeah, any cool low tops that u would let go for cheap would be sick too. beat up common projects, some bapestas, some dunks, some af1s, some adidas, etc etc etc etc.

    n also any cool camo bape hoodies. the purple camo hoodie or the mixed camo one w the fuckin red idk in a M or L would be cool.

    want these in the darker blue black or grey panel. dont want the high tops


    any of these bapes w the crepe soles (pref navy, black, or lavender)


    i've seen a couple of variations of these dirk bikkembergs floating around on the internet so yeah hmu if u got any of em w the chord still intact


  2. Damn I'm trying to remember the name of this all-over print hoodie I had back in middle school. It was purple/lavender/grey and had these little bacteria characters all over it. It was super sick and I used to wear it all the time with my purple pigeons lmao. LMK if u hav any idea of what I'm talkin' about. Unfortunately, I can't find a pic of me in it since my old photobucket acct got deleted w all my old rare fits in it.

  3. yo so check this. for a couple of days i was in the middle of two friends i just met arguin dere bitter hearts out over an ended relationship. i was literally in the middle each time tryna browse thru sufu superawkward thread high as shit got my eyes fixed on the screen like i seen a dead body. it was like watching a train wreck n i couldnt look away and i coudnt say anything. me and other bz silent as fuck and main girl in argument trying to make jokes trying to lighten thah mood trying to include us in the conversation, buh we aint havin it bitch was alone w this one and i couldnt do anythin tto help her or my other friend just lolin inside and she lolin on thah outside.


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