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  1. Now that you mentioned it, I can’t unsee it. My first impression was very nice, now looking at it a few times, don’t like it that much anymore. 😂
  2. I really like it wide, therefore I really like this jacket. https://acrnm.com/J113-SD_FW2324 But not only because it’s wide, it also looks awesome imo. But I guess the price tag will make me sweat.
  3. In my personal humble opinion it’s not. I think it fits kinda oversized or big. At least if you look at it as a hoodie. If you look at it like a jacket maybe not. I wear everything XL and a heavy hoodie fit’s easily and it’s still roomy. I like the fit though, but it’s big.
  4. I understand some people that are into the brand for decades are not feeling everything lately. But I also do think for a lot of people it is important that the stuff is exclusive and hard to get. I buy Acronym for a few years, but only a few items here and there. I never was into the styles that were super slim fit and pants with a super low crotch. Therefore the pants from the last few seasons were perfect to me, like the P44 and P46. Also the wider versions of the J1's are way better for me then older fits. The V91 and J91 are on daily roatation aswell and the Hoodies lately are nice, like the S34 and S31. I started skateboarding 1990 and being a teenager of the 90's I really like baggier stuff and I'm kind of big. But I always liked the technical aspect and well thought ideas flowing into the garments. What I'm trying to say is that people like me that don't look like the role model Acronym tech wear wearer are also liking the brand and the idea behind it, but rocking kind of a differnt style. I especially dislike the fit pics of E rocking all this garbage high fashion shoes and jewellery. I think that Kiddie girlfriend is the main reason for that, him being at fashion shows getting inspired from uncool brands. I think E wants and trys to make Acronym bigger then it should be, and from what I see it's not working. The stuff is to expensive for the average customer, retailers are sitting on the stuff and putting it on sale to get rid of it. Get in where you fit in comes to mind.
  5. Thanks for the fast reply and information. That’s good to know, so I think I’ll take the new one, zipping it into a liner is definitely helpful sometimes.
  6. I never got one of these NGs, description always says they fit M to M. can anybody tell me if they fit to Jackets and Vests in XL? Thanks.
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