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  1. Full Count Denim Thread

    One year, one soak (104F) later and 33 lbs less! They didn't shrink a lot in the initial soak. I'm considering a second one. Either another traditional hot soak (will it make any difference?) or a machine wash. My goal is to get rid of as most shrinkage possible before I start use em... Suggestions? (yes, my mirror is dirty and no, I don't usually wear my t-shirt inside my pants... ;))
  2. Full Count Denim Thread

    Hehe, so no soak it is? ;D
  3. Full Count Denim Thread

    I'll get better pics when I'm home again
  4. Full Count Denim Thread

    Leg length won't be a problem, I can tripple calf I will probably soak them a couple of times and stretch between soaks and hope that they won't shrink like 2-3 inches in the first initial soak. No and I don't! Just asking to find the best solution.
  5. Full Count Denim Thread

    Haven't worn them at all yet! And yeah, that seems to be a good solution. Thanks!
  6. Full Count Denim Thread

    Thanks guys! Can't return them unfortunately. I got em hemmed and aslo I'm leaving NYC today, going back to Europe. I bought them @ BiG. He asked me if I would wash them and I said not probably for a long time. Maybe that's made him think I wouldn't soak them either... but he never mentioned sizing up until after he hemmed them However, I'm not interested in discredit BiG, just want to make the best out of the situation. Would a hot soak (how hot?) make em shrink maximum in length or do I need to repeat? As said before, don't want them to shrink more in length once the combs and marks is set. I've hade a couple of jeans which got â€double†combs and it looked ridiculous I’ve read a lot about sizing down for Fullcount since the zimbabwe cotton will stretch. So I consider to soak, loose a couple of pounds and maybe put something in the top block while soaking to prevent them to shrink too much?
  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    Hey fellas, Need your opinion on this one! I recently bought a pair of Fullcount 1109 21 oz. Awesome jeans. However, now I’m a little bit concerned about how I should do with soaking or not. I went with size 33 and it’s tight. I can still button up all the way though and move around normally. The guy at the store recommended me to use them for at least half a year before the initial soak since I bought them true to size. And that would probably be fine but I’m worried that the honeycombs and other marks will be totally off If I first use them for a good time and then wash/soak and the length decreases quite a lot… Another way to go would be a initial soak but then I’m afraid they will end up to tight… however, I got a couple of extra pounds I consider to loose anyway Is it anyone with experience of the 1109 21oz? Do they shrink a lot? Do I need to soak them multiple times? How much do they stretch back again? Another alternative would be not to soak or wash them at all at any time but that would also mean no color fading as when using water. What do you think about my options? Soak now, soak later or never? Hit me with your advices!