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  1. Shots of my SEXSC06 in much better lighting, I needed to do them some justice they are turning out lovely in my opinon, and still have quite some life left

    Just past 9 months (I said 10 before but I did my math wrong ):o









    X-Posted from Evo, better lighting and detailed shots


    whoa loving the beat up look on your pair, Im gonna wear my to the ground too :D

  2. Girl 1: This one actually fucken worked... got it in last night

    Me: Hay What's up

    Her: Hey just chillin whats up

    Me: Nothing much, chillin, can I ask u a serious question tho?

    Her: Yea of course?

    Me: Can i tap dat?

    Her: Hahaha. Thats ur question?

    Me: Absolutely baby what's ur answer time is of the essence

    After this point she did'nt text back, and my friend that's really good friend with her called me to go run, and he was like... "ayo... did u text (*so&so*)?" Then i explained to him what i did and he was like "Oh yea cuz she thought someone stole your phone and was being an ass, she was freakin out" So i called her and I told her it was a joke, cleared things up and apologized


    Her: Lol if i texted that to anyone itd be serious, lmao

    Me: Lmaooo u should try it and c what u get lmao

    Her: Haa! Anyway i have been kinda lonely (*myName*). Ill still take you up on that offer if ur down

    Me: Wait lmao r u serious or are u tryin to get back at me for freakin u out?

    Her: Idk quess ull have to figure out for urself

    Me: Touche... Well plated ma'am haha

    Me: In all honesty tho I would

    Her: Well this just got interesting

    Me: Well thanks to u it did

    a good 15 mins pass while I'm waiting for my friend to go for a run, so then...

    Me: Im gona asume u were tryin to get me back lmao like I said well played ma'am, well played hahahahahaha

    Her: Thanks but im disappointed now lol

    Me: Ayayay ur killin me (*so&so*) haha u know my answer, lmk urs

    Her: I think ive made myself pretty clear..

    Me: True, im gonna run right now ill call u when I get back

    Her: Alright

    Other attempts (epic failz but great lulz tho haha)

    Girl 2:

    Me: Hay wha't up its (*myName*)

    Her: (*myName*)! Hiiii. Wats going on

    Me: Hay! n2m what about u?

    Her: At the airport, Mom is going to India. My brother dad and I are going on Tuesday

    Me: Ooo cool should be fun! but can I ask u a serious question tho?

    Her: Ya. Whatsup?

    Me: Can I tap dat?

    Her: Lol. Ur an idiot

    Me: Cmon baby time is of the essence I need an answer

    Her: Lol. The answer is no. Stupid. How was lab?

    We studied abroad together last semester, and we had to take a summer Biomed lab cuz it was'nt possible in Europe, she did the earlier summer session, I just finished (copped the A )

    Girl 3: For this next one, Me and my friend were simul-txting her and set ourselves up so that He would text her "Can I tap" and I finished with the "Dat ass?" LMAO

    Me: Hay, whatsup? Just felt like sayin hi, have'nt talked in a while

    Her: R u w/ (*Friend's last name)? He just texted me

    Me: Huh? Nah im in my room chillin, we gonna blaze later but that's later lol

    Her: Oh bc he legit texted me 2 minutes before you

    Me: O wow lmao wierd o_O what chu up to tho?

    Her: Nothing really, hanging with fam for my dad's birthday, you?

    Me: Jus chillin in my room, was on fb b4 but was getting bored.. been really pensive lately, think I can ask u a serious question?

    Her: Yeah, whats up?

    Me: Dat ass?

    Her: OK you guys are retarded really

    Me: Cmon baby time is of the essence I need an answer

    Her: Just fuckin stop! both of u

    Girl 4: This girl is actually a good friend of girl 1 (the one I smashed) so I had a good laugh with this

    Me: Hay what's up its (*myName*)

    Her: O hey

    Me: Can I ask u a serious question?

    Her: Uh. . . Sure i guess lol

    Me: Can I tap dat?

    Her: Lmao!

    Me: Cmon baby time is of the essence I need an answer!

    Her: I already heard from (Girl 1) Lol but thx for the laugh

    Me: Lmaooo im glad u found it funny too =)

    And there we have it SF... My fun for last night... Was suppose to blaze after my run but i got to "Tap dat ass"

  3. half day at work today

    coming into the city to check out the store, meeting up with the crew from my local shop, Extra Butter, we all wanted to check out Andrew's new workspace and just to kick it, best of luck with the NY venture i'll def be checking out the shop whenever I'm in NYC

  4. Holy fuckkkk I'm fuckin there! See you at the opening day monkey! Those sexi04s better be looking good!
    Wait monkey, you gonna be wearing your sexi04s? Well I'm going to be wearing mine too!

    sorry guys I retired my SEXI04's a while ago :( they it 6 months but by that time i had lost a good amount of weight (36" waist to a 32" waist)

    Ive been rocking a pair of SEXSC06's for the past 5 months tho I just took some pics, but ill be rockin those if anything

    but yea should be dope, see you there akuma, and ill be lookin out for your SEXI04's IM SOLE CRAZY haha

  5. I'm currently studying abroad in Europe right now (Rome, but I'm going back home state side next week... I'm dreading the day I have to leave this beautiful place/culture for... America :( )

    But during my spring break I went to Greece for a week, and while staying in Athens, I came across this famous sandal maker called the Poet

    here is the website:


    I saw leather goods like bags and sandals hanging in the window and I had to check it out.

    The family run business has a great story and makes great sandals

    I bought this style for my brother back home, its called the "Diogenes"

    They've had same famous clientele as well (John Lennon, he has his own sandal style which is pretty dope imo)

    lmk what you guys think


  6. There are many other factors that go into roping greasypeanut, so even if the seams on your hem don't line up it may still rope

    some other factors include whether the denim is unsanforized, if the thread used to hem the jeans are unsanforized, how many times the jeans are soaked/washed, etc...

    but wow all this information is gold... so interesting how the little details that can be found on jeans really requires a trained eye to point out

  7. Great thread! so glad i subscribed to this :D

    and I loved the tidbits about denim construction/ history

    I just noticed some selvage peeking out the sides of the coin pocket on my SEXSC06 but unfortunately I don't think there is any puckering haha

    keep the pictures coming, this is a great photo-documentary on great jeans in the making

  8. 1) denim: 14 oz, unsanforized, right-hand twill. the denim's weave is a reproduction of the original cone mills XX denim, which means the vertical weave is loose and the horizontal weave is tight. the yarns are rope-dyed and the indigo is extra dark.

    2) zipper: vintage talon repro made by waldes. back in the day, there was a time when the famous talon zippers were manufactured in japan. one of the factories that made these talon zippers was the waldes company. waldes is now making reproductions of the original talon zippers using the same methods and materials. mass-produced YKK, these are not. the zippers are heavyweight and have an old-school feel when you zip them up. anyone who has zipped up a vintage talon zipper will know what i'm talking about. these waldes zippers are made to order.

    3) zipper tape: 100% cotton zipper tape, selvage. zipper tape is the material that the zipper is attached to. usually, the zipper tape on jeans is made out of polyester, which means that it won't age as your denim ages. the zipper tape used by waldes is 100% cotton, so it will fade along with your denim. as an added bonus, the zipper tape has selvage running down both sides! so, it looks like you are zipping up a selvage zipper. crazy.

    4) cut: regular vintage straight leg. i need some extra room for my large thighs.

    5) pocket bags: heavyweight cotton, red and black plaid. i have a thing for red and black plaid.

    6) hidden pocket rivets.

    7) patch: leather

    8) back pocket design: undecided. kuniyoshi-san can embroider any design on the back pocket. i still haven't decided what i am going to get and i am open for suggestions.

    i will post pictures when finished.

    :D wow, that sounds amazing, the whole jean will come out great for sure!

    If you don't mind me asking, whats the price point for a pair like this?

    Also, what kind of leather will be used for the patch? Nothing wrong with good old cow hide but something exotic would be cool :P

    Def subscribed, keep us updated!

  9. Great job Florian!

    The vertical fades on these jeans are lovely...

    And nice chap stick and wallet fades, I have a zippo in my coin pocket that's fading rather fast, and same goes with my wallet, the edges are turning white almost, can't wait to see if the denim breaks to reveal the pocket lining :D

    How come there isn't a contest for these jeans? That would be fun, I wanted to participate in the DB contest but the jeans came out a bit too late since I was gonna be studying abroad and wanted new jawns before I left...

    In any case, can we get some fit pics?

    I've been planning on getting some of my pair too but I'll wait till I get back from Italy and do some pre/post pics.

  10. New leather goods I scooped from Unlucky 8)



    Wallet: Black horsehide exterior with Tan Cowhide accent, Cowhide interior, and the card flaps made of Goathide

    Wallet Chain: Kangaroo Leather, extra thick double braided chain, with extra long tassels


    Tan goathide coin pouch





    Messenger Bag: 3-5 oz. Cowhide leather makes up the majority of the bag, with the darker pieces of leather (straps the shoulder strap and the flap closure strap) made of a thicker horse hide. Brass Rivets and buckles, 3/4 flap closure.

    The bag was inspired by the satchels used by Postmen in the 70's, I love the simplicity and cleanliness of the design, and should make for some interesting evolution 8)&):)

    I applied some Obenauf's leather oil and some LP as well, all the goods darkened up beautifully

    will take pics of them tomorrow to show the color change

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342