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  1. as far as i know, you can't actually get a win-win on not being hit by taxes upon import (via marked down parcel value) AND have the retailer refund VAT.

    as they have already paid VAT during import, for them to get a VAT refund on their end after the sale, they need to produce shipping documents proving the respective marked value and with an address outside the EU.

    capnpyro mentioned that he wasn't hit with taxes upon import, which i guess means the parcel's value was marked down. wouldn't be possible for them to get a VAT refund in that case.

    above info was told to me by a friend who used to work in a store in the EU.

  2. regarding this previous discussion and looking at the current state of things on grailed, perhaps a more effective method would be to just mass-post items at ridiculous prices to, as a chinese saying goes, fight poison with poison and pricing hype beasts out and hopefully making them lose interest after a while :P

    On February 24, 2017 at 0:06 PM, chaosen said:

    I know this post was probably made as a joke, but it really is this mindset that's gotten us here in the first place. Sellers keep pushing the envelope with extravagant prices, hoping to one-up the previous highest sales price. With the short supply and growing demand, a hyped item (like a 3A bag) might sell for a ridiculous price and the cycle then repeats and gets worse. It's obvious that this is causing a lot of resellers to flock to the brand, and it's gotten pretty bad already (i.e. the DAF release). 

    For those of us who have been long-term fans/customers, I hope that you guys might reconsider publicly posting these kinds of extreme listings. In the short term, you might potentially benefit from high sales prices, but in the long run it'll cause more harm to everyone than good. For example, as prices are driven higher, more resellers (and hypebeasts) will come to the brand; which will make it a lot more difficult to actually buy the items we want at release. I'm also sure we're due for very significant price hikes given the resale market, so we're going to end up paying substantially more (whether at retail or resale) to continue buying the brand. 

    It's probably too late to make much of an impact, but it'd be nice if those of us here make an effort to not exacerbate the resell/hype culture we're seeing lately with crazy sales listings ^_^



  3. 18 hours ago, branespload said:

    i didnt get to try these on but when i handled it, they seemed more like a back pocket + additional subpockets using a zipper detail to conceal it all. so it's the veilance answer to "how do i make a super minimal, slim, lightweight summer pant with enough pockets to hold my stuff now that i'm not relying on my outerwear pockets?"


    alright, thanks man. apparat it is then haha

  4. hi branespload, was hoping you would chime in.

    i actually did see the preview pics from the showroom you posted a while back, it was actually what pulled my attention and to keep a lookout for the align in the first place, so thanks!

    when you first posted it, i thought it would be near the position of the apparat, just higher up but still side-front placement. but i guess my main concern is, is the entire cargo compartment of the Align strictly restricted to the out seam (side of the leg) like a traditional cargo, or does it extend to the below-butt/hamstring area.

    i would imagine it to be difficult to sit down if one puts anything hard or even a mobile phone if it extends even the slightest to the butt/back area

    taking another close look at the veilance site, and how the seams at the back run, the pocket seems to be mostly right smack on the buttcheek down to hamstring area.

    i personally dislike putting anything in back pockets be it wallet/phone/keys so if this is basically (and physically/functionally) a back pocket but aesthetically redesigned, then ima have to pass. on hindsight, i guess it makes sense that it is functionally different from the Apparat, would be kind of silly to make two similar 'cargo' pants.



  5. On February 2, 2017 at 10:29 AM, shifty said:

    Is it just me, or do guys feel like having the apparat and the align pant in the same season is kinda redundant? They seem to have super similar designs minus the material change, cuff, and inseam length difference between the two and those changes don't really come off as very visual striking to me. I'll have to go see both in person to make up my mind, but at least from stock pics, they seem very close. I still kinda want both though, and i wish the apparat came in lithos instead of the align...

    trying to decide between the align and apparat for summer, but still trying to get my head around the align 'cargo' pocket. from the veilance site, it seems to be a diagonal opening just slightly below and behind the side pockets, but then the last picture shows that you insert your hand backwards?

    from the pocket opening seam picture, i thought it was a forward entry, making it a cargo pocket just below the regular side pockets.

    but looking at the picture below with the hand half-in, it seems more like a re-designed back pocket?


  6. ^ for me, when i dont need my laptop for the day, a messenger fulfills the gap to carry a water bottle, umbrella, wallet (dislike carrying it in pockets), ipod and whatever stuff i might need for the day.

  7. yea, i know i'll get it eventually, was just hoping it arrives when i visit my friend but guess thats out the window now lol.


    thanks anyway for the input. i'll factor in another week the next time i order from acrnm. 

  8. Placed an order for my J1A-GT from acrnm.com around two weeks ago to be delivered to the United States and tracking read 'label created, awaiting pickup etc' for a solid week before tracking finally indicated it was in transit. Order was valued at over 1000 euros, but didn't spend more than 12 hours total going through German and US customs inspections.

    thats what i am extremely confused about. was told ytd that the parcel has not actually been picked up, and that they are waiting for customs approval to release it to ups. this is again ive heard of smth like that. isnt customs evalutation done when it reaches?

    i do know that various couriers including UPS carry out customs processing simultaneously or even upon arrival and it usually passes through same-day.

    but to wait for approval before shipping doesnt make any sense. maybe a german law thing? we're talking about clothing here, not restricted items. even exotic leather export/import is fuss-free with CITES documentation.

  9. yea but i dont even have the pickup scan now on mine, which is usually done once the courier picks it up and scans the barcode on the spot?

    anyway heard from another sufu member that apparently its common for it to take around 2 days before it appeara for some weird reason..

  10. anyone who bought anything recently from acrnm.com (within past 5 days) have received their shipping notice?


    i placed an order over the weekend and was sent a shipping notice on monday, but its been 2 days and UPS shows that its not been picked up yet, though an email to acrnm.com and i got a reply saying that it was picked up and for orders >1000eu outside the EU UPS needs 1-3 days to process customs approval = no status update now.


    to be honest, thats the first time I've heard of this. from personal experienced and confirmed by a call to UPS said that there should be a pickup scan regardless of the need to process customs approval or not, as that will be done in the background simultaneously.

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