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  1. I’m confused is this thread about shoes that look better with age? Or is it about shoe companies that have been in business for more than 100 years?

    I’m a little surprised how much flack Kiya’s taking for introducing a new brand of custom locally-built boots with features like leather welts, leather soles, horse butt and Cat Paws. This should be a “shoes that look better with age†wet dream. Or is it that they cost less than $500?

  2. Chicken, I would definitely register a complaint with the BBB. What this guy did is inexcuseable and it needs to be on file. You could also find any review site and write a bad one for each site. That may take a little longer but if you copy and paste your story, it shouldn't be as tasking.

    Except, when was the last time you checked with the BBB before buying something? Plus, he probably isn't even a memember, so BBB won't do a thing.

    Buyer beware -- and even then.... Chicken went to the guy on a refrence from, what it sounds like, a stand-up guy. It should have worked out.

    I'd just cut and paste that guy's mug on every shoe/style forum you find.

  3. Um, try the LEVIS store:

    Opening May 2008

    Times Square

    1501 Broadway

    New York , NY 10036

    25 W. 14th Street

    New York , NY 10011


    536 Broadway

    New York , NY 10012


    750 Lexington Avenue

    New York , NY 10022


  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342