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  1. Yeah, Westworld is so far so good. It's so inexcusably boring, everything is wrong with it
  2. yo you guys should be watching Quarry. It's pretty quality
  3. Yeah I wasn't too captivated by Newsroom, a bit pretentious and a bit snory. Also The Night Manager sucked. So he's going to be foiling international terrorism plots and arms dealers and shit from his role as a hotel worker? Wow, what an interesting vantage point.
  4. I was mildly intrigued by the first two episodes or so of Mad Dogs, but it quickly deteriorated into a boring piece of shit, although somehow I watched it all through. Bosch is a cool show though, S02 is supposed to be coming up soon as well. Also thanks to this thread for putting me onto Horace and Pete, I guess it's going to be a hate it or love it-kinda show, but i'm firmly placed in the latter camp.
  5. with all the praise seemingly going towards s02 you just wanna get right to the good stuff, but you guys are certainly right, that is a stupid route. thanks for reaffirming in other news: 17. Dec
  6. they're stupid
  7. Also, do I have to watch Leftovers S01, or can I just begin at S02 like an asshole?
  8. It took so long for me to realize this that I should probably be embarassed. I thought it was his sister or something until like episode 8 or so.
  9. So I guess there are things relevant to this thread happening today! Looking forward to opinions
  10. sons of anarchy started out as a somewhat entertaining, mindless show and was fun (relative to what it is) for a while. unfortunately the show just gets progressively worse at a steady rate throughout the entire series, and at some point it deteriorates into something completely laughable. not worth anyones time, especially the second half of the show
  11. CL final today. would be sort of fun to see juventus grinding it out, doing a chelsea 2012, but i dont see how they are going to stop messi
  12. i liked it
  13. qwstion has a few okay ones, at a reasonable price point
  14. doesn't have to be, because now we know whatsup. its just one minute