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  1. dressing out of nostalgia for an era you never lived in

    yoooooo. this is exactly how shit always gets started.

    liking old shit isnt inherently bad, but it always spawns garbage ass shit

  2. even worse though during 8th-9th grades I prided myself on my Platinum Fubu collection. After that it was all about sweatsuits. There was some overlap there, I had this globetrotters platinum fubu sweatsuit with the tearaway pants (bad idea obviously, friends kept ripping them off).

    Then, it was dickies + timbs for awhile. Then, hypebeast shit somehow.

    I've dressed terribly for as long as I can remember and continue to do so.

  3. yo i'm doin this

    all basics except for a few statements (boots, coats, knits, etc)

    I think everybody that isn't playing with rirawin money hits this stage. I still love clothes/fashion/etc, but having a light wardrobe of dope shit just makes the most sense. I'm not trying to collect clothes I'm trying to wear dope shit.

    I think darkanimal was the first to show me the light a few years ago.

  4. yeah, torrent is what I do. I'm on broadcasthenet, but piratebay and shit work. you just google for it and you'll always find the season or episode if its a decently popular show.

    I think a lot of people stream their shows though. I don't know the sites for that, but someone here will.

  5. I didn't mean hip-hop itself was a niche genre. Obviously it dominates here in the states.

    I'm saying that now every little corner of hip-hop can have it's own larger audience now. It's easier for some dudes in Alabama to independently cultivate a fanbase worldwide. It's easier for some skate kids to get their funny, angsty music out to everyone.

    There's people like Danny Brown who seems to be known all across the internet, but known barely at all outside of it unless you're in Detroit. (I'm assuming at least, there are lots of artists you could say this about).

  6. I'm wondering if the 'taking more risks' is something that rappers are doing actively because it's pretty cool to be a weirdo right now? Or if there is a freedom presented to them on the internet that was not there before (or atleast the weirdos have an outlet to reach people, whereas before you needed someone on the radio or another rapper or A&R or someone to notice you first.

    Either way, I think it is a good thing and I like it. There are lots of interesting characters rapping well right now.

  7. even with all the flocka and gucci love on here that's a minority opinion. Ferrari Boyz was just okay. Waka topped my list for 2010 though. Along with Roc Marciano.

    The 'lol new hip hop' sucks thing bothers me for some reason. I can't seem to stop arguing with people on the internet about it. The internet has been really good to hip-hop. There are corners of the internet for every possible niche.

    Action's cool. He seems to have shown interest in stepping away from the 90's nostalgia shit some. Atleast production-wise. I saw some random performance video where he declared he's only fucking with 'wavy' beats now and denounced the '90s shit'.

  8. I appreciate that you didn't come out swinging with that 'new hip-hop sucks' shit. Because you're obviously right about the music changing (as it should I think) and that's cool if you don't wanna fuck with it anymore.

    Personally, I feel like shit was stale for a minute, but in the last 2 years or so hip-hop has been great/fun/crazy in my opinion.

    I agree with heflys on the common/drake shit though. I pretty much ignored Drake until last year and I enjoy Take Care actually (didnt want to, but I do). I haven't checked for Common since Be. That verse on College Dropout is still really dope though.

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