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  1. Hello chaps,

    The Head Porter Plus parka dropped around April, Engineered Garments around March, I believe. I am desperately looking for either one of these parkas in tan, size XL. If you know of anywhere that still MIGHT have them or you are willing to part with yours, please let me know. Quickest way to contact me is probably through email, [email protected]. You can also PM me, if need be. Here are pics for reference:



    Thanks in advance.

  2. I'm impressed with this drop, but I think some of the items would've been more appealing had they used some different color schemes, especially on the flannels. The lookbook gave a different perspective on a few items I was iffy on, definitely pushed me in the "want now" category.

    Fishtail & Sagamore parkas, Mountain plaid and prep flannels, damn near all of the camp caps (esp lux twill & tweed), and yes, the paisley oxfords. All gimme-gimme's.

  3. Yo niiggas,

    its the thuggish, ruggish karl back at you bastids with some of that heat rock. I got two fairly rare Supreme items fo dat ass. First up is the ever-elusive Charlie Chaplin tee in red sz XL. Tee is from 2003 and is bunched in with some of the rarest shits out there (Chaplin, Richard Pryor, Peter Sellers, and the fucker I can never get my hands on, Woody Allen). Shirt has been worn 3x and washed once, but that shit is pristine-like.

    Next up is the oh-so-classy, debonair Blue/White Striped Oxford from the 07/08 season. Worn 2-3x, dry cleaned once, and once again, pristine as FUCK.

    I'm currently only looking for cash money unless you have a mothafuckin Woody Allen Supreme tee in XL.

    Taking paypal or MO, but MO only if I know you, have dealt with you, or you sucked my dick in the past. Lookin to get rid of this shit ASAP, so holla at a niigga.

    Got any questions or offers, PM me, hit me up on AIM- karl the cop, yes I know, trillest screenname ever, or email me at ngra[email protected] .

    HO on the Chaplin is 45 right now.

    Offer up on Striped Oxford, but first to 85 shipped on that bitch gets it, skrate up.







    My niigga Stitch is posted up in the cut like WHAT. Fat shouts!

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