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  1. Chino Measurements (approx.):

    Waist is approx. 34in

    Thigh is about 11in

    Knee is about 8.5

    Hem is approx. 8

    These are a slimmer fit, obviously, so I'd say they probably fit a 32-33 waist pretty good. They are pending right now to someone through email who says they're paying this weekend, so I will make sure to let everyone know if they are gone or not over the weekend. Thanks.

    Oh and Houndstooth is gone, speckled still up for sale.

  2. Yo,

    I ain't got time for all the typing to get you guys all into my sale, so I'm going to keep this brief and sweet. Got a DS pair of the +J (Jil Sanders for Uniqlo Collection) olive chinos in 34. Just looking for what I paid (50+shipping+proxy fee), so all I want is 70 shipped for these bitches.

    Up next are two rare Supreme boxcaps, first is the Houndstooth boxcap from the FW08 season, pretty hard to find nowadays. Worn 2x, practically DS. Only looking for 40 shipped OBO.

    The next one is a very, very rare pre-2003 black "speckled" or "confetti" box cap. Practically DS as I have never worn it and I dont think the previous owner did, either. Looking for what I paid on this as well, so 75 shipped OBO.

    Email me: [email protected] DO NOT PM ME, and if you do choose to PM me, include your EMAIL ADDY if you have any offers or questions.

    Now onto the pics:





  3. OK, so I have been completely unsuccessful in attaining the Head Porter + Field Parka that dropped in April/May, as well as the EG parka. Are there ANY tan/khaki colored field parkas out there OTHER THAN THE RECENT SUPREME ONE? Wooden or plastic buttons are prefered. I know Uniqlo JP came out with one about 2 years ago that is IMMACULATE:


    Yall know of any out there?

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