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  1. anyone else feel let down by last week's episodes?

    i thought it was decent, but wasnt one of the more memorable episodes.

    Two of my favorites are "Mac bangs Dennis' Mom" and "Charlie goes America all over Everybodys Ass"

    You can watch a bunch of the episodes for free at hulu.com

  2. i was an engineer and im assuming thats completely different from what you are studying. id just do practice problems.

    as far as how often to study. its good to go over what you learned in class while its still fresh in your head, so just breeze through your notes a little while after class. when it comes to tests, i would try to start "studying" 3 days before the exam. the first 2 days were really just looking over everything and then i would study hard the day/night before the exam.

    i dunno it worked for me.

  3. my calfs and forearms are really small. i could be wrong but i think they correlate with the frame size. my wrists are not much bigger than a woman's to be honest. this kind of becomes a problem when doing higher reps with deadlift as my hand will just open up in the middle of the set.

    work on your grip strength. ive used the captains of crush grippers with a lot of sucess.


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