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  1. I have thinking of buying those, do you guys think they will fit me? I got 86 cm in waist, aprox 33,8 inches. Do you guys think that they will stretch out to a comfortable fit?

  2. This thread lacks of activity so Im now posting some pics of my 2 month old Ijin Material with japanese denim!



    And a little detail shot:


    The front picture is quite bad, can't see the contrast really. The back picture is more accurate.

  3. I really wan't so see some fit pics of polys AndeWhalls, they got a nice fade! Not your best worn in pair, but absolutely a great pair!

    Are you just wearing your jeans everyday and doesn't do any special? Or do you have a job or any other activity that makes the jeans fade fast?

  4. Jacoblue: Yeap im from Sweden and yeap I bought it from Sivletto! Mine is a 38 so its one size smaller than yours. And I think it's unsanforized, but I don't care. I want this jacket since it's so damn nice! So I will just not wash or soak it :)

  5. headtowall: Awesome jacket! Damn nice looking! Could you maybe post some fit pics?

    I think I'll keep the jacket since I got it for 9 000 yen less than in Japan. It's so damn nice!

    Please give me some sun and warmth so I can start wearing it!

  6. So it will shrink like hell if I soak it? Damn It will be too small if it shrinks.

    Or denim jackets doesn't shrink that much?

    JacoBlue: I will take some fitpics on sunday, since Im working tomorrow and have to attend to a birthday party in the evening. But the jacket is so damn great!

  7. I'm looking for a not that worn or even new denim jacket that's made of japanese denim. ie Steam Locomotive, Flat Head. But any good looking japanese denim repro jacket will do.

    The size I'm looking for is a european Medium. So post the measurements as well :)

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