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  1. Hey man, am super-interested in those LGB drop crotch trousers you're selling, please pm me Peace
  2. der Liebhaber

    Robert Geller Danzig t shirt

    Am looking to purchase a size small Robert Geller Danzig t shirt in either grey or yellow...if you have one that you'd like to sell please pm me Appreciate ya! Peace
  3. der Liebhaber

    Japanese 2nd clothes shipped from Asia

    Hi...I would like to purchase two of the t shirts you have listed: the 'Haleiwa Super Mkt' t shirt for $10 and the 'Hollywood Ranch Mkt' Sakura t shirt for $14. I am located in the US and my email address is: [email protected] Thanks much!!! Peace
  4. der Liebhaber

    [FS] Visvim, NBHD, Imperials, ECT S-M/29-32

    Am interested in the Neighborhood denim if still available...do you have more pics? Thx
  5. der Liebhaber

    HL, Jil, Clarks, Dior, Ervell, BoO, Balenciaga

    Received the HL sunglasses today, they are awesome, thx much man!! Peace
  6. der Liebhaber

    der Liebhaber's sale thread

    Bump it up!!! Feel free to make offers!!
  7. der Liebhaber

    der Liebhaber's sale thread

    Bump it up!!!!!
  8. der Liebhaber

    der Liebhaber's sale thread

    Hey guys--have a bunch of items up for sale, any questions please do not hesitate to either pm me or for a faster response shoot an email to: [email protected] All prices are in USDollars and include shipping (even internationally) Dior Homme silver velcro sneakers, size 42, in pristine condition, $150 (Dior dust bag included) http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Dior%20Sneakers/ Dior Homme bandana/scarf, like-new condition, $125 beige/tan main color, length is a whopping 98", width is 17" can be worn a variety of ways, awesome Hedi Slimane item http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Dior%20bandana%20scarf/ Dior Homme grey perforated tee with black inserts on front and signature darting on back, sz Small, $90 pit-to-pit=18", 25" length http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Dior%20perforated%20tee/ Dior sunglasses, khaki color lenses, excellent condition, $60 leather case and box included http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Dior%20sunglasses/ N. Hoolywood sleeveless black and white stripe button up shirt, sz Small, $90 pit-to-pit=18", s-s=14 1/2", 27" length (red on pic is due to my covering flash, no red on shirt, sorry!! true black and white, in pristine condition) http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/NHoolywood%20slvls%20shirt/ N.Hoolywood tee, sz Small, $80 pit-to-pit=17", s-s=15", 25" length http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/NHoolywood%20tee%20shirt/ Hare grey and white striped tee shirt, marked M but fits small, $35 pit-pit=18", s-s=15", 25" length http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Hare%20tee%20shirt/ Attachment army green and off-white striped sleeveless shirt, sz 2 (small), $40 pit-to-pit=15 1/2", s-s=15", 25" length http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Attachment%20slvls%20tee/ Oak black and grey striped pocket tank top, sz Small, $30 pit-pit=18", 29" length http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Oak%20tank%20top/ Hysteric Glamour adjustable size baseball cap, medium blue, Too Drunk To Fuck patch on front, american type flag patch on back, $50 http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Hysteric%20Glamour%20hat/ Undercover x Hysteric Glamour "You Mother Flower" guitar pick adjustable necklace, highly collectible in perfect condition, box included, $100 http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/undercover/ Number (N)ine washed-out black cotton knit-sweatpants, distressed knees, two back pockets, feel like wool, perfect for cool evenings, $100 (again sorry for shitty pics, these look waaaay better in person) 14 1/2" waist unstretched but could easily stretch to 16"..there are belt loops also if you care to wear a belt with 'em...inseam is 33" http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Number%20Nine%20knit%20sweats/ Cosmic Wonder cropped pants in faded black with distressed details, $80 15" waist, 19" inseam http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Cosmic%20Wonder%20cropped%20jeans/ Material Boy tights with multi-color polka dots, sz Small, $80 waist is adjustable would fit sz 28-32 easily http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Material%20Boy%20tights/ Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair army green tank top, asymetrical with cut-out designs, very unique piece, ribbed cotton, $25 http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Fifth%20Ave%20Shoe%20Rep%20tank/ black leather Chippewa engineer boots, sz 9.5, brand new with tags, $110 http://s733.photobucket.com/albums/ww335/djtrickyt/Johnnie/Chippewa%20engineer%20boots/ May be adding a few more things...again, lemme know if you have any questions.. may be willing to accept offers, but please no lowballing!! Thanks much for looking!!!
  9. der Liebhaber

    Rick Owens boots, sz 43, cheap

    Hey man...received boots in the mail today, they are perfect, love 'em!!! Thanks so much and again, hope good karma comes your way!!! Peace
  10. der Liebhaber

    WTB: Number (N)ine trucker cap

    Still looking.....
  11. der Liebhaber

    WTB: Number (N)ine trucker cap

    Like title says I'm looking to buy a Number (N)ine trucker cap...will happily pay top dollar for it!! If you have one that u can sell pls send a msg and a pic to my email: [email protected] Thanks much Peace
  12. der Liebhaber

    FS: NCB, Layer-0, DRKSHDW...

    Hey man, received the layer-0 sneaks today and am lovin' em...they are way comfortable!!! Thanks much!!! Peace
  13. der Liebhaber

    der Liebhaber's sale

    Bump...many items still available
  14. der Liebhaber

    accessories sale: bless, dior, gucci

    Bump...lowered some prices!!!