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  1. Damn Jyoni, looks like something Mike Harris pulled out from an old mine shaft, nice work! Just niminated them for  fade friday Rawr post. Should def keep those in the Museum. 




    Hey you know what it's pretty beat up.  If you want it at the store I can get it to you before I get too tempted to fix it lol.

  2. Doh, posting while you posted Maynard.  Sashiko is really interesting and I can see improving on it...lots of variables with stitch lengths and intersections.

  3. chantheman is doing a good thing by bringing this down to earth.  Lance, that is really nice work.  I love the multicolor thread and would like to find some of that.  Have you been playing around with more sashiko you haven't posted?


    We wanted to give Julian a chance to respond and he just wants to let it go.


    You guys, I really want to thank you for letting us get this wild hair out of our asses.  When a guy like Kiya looks at us and the phrase "If you want to be in this business" goes through his head, that's a really powerful and positive thing.  I really appreciate that, Kiya, we both do.


    But you know what, we've done a lot of talking and we don't want this to be a business.  Too much bad energy.  We want to get back to basics and let it be what it is, a really neat project.


    And the people we know here who are super into what we like to do, they are fucking awesome.


    /this I hope it's at least clear that we have been through a lot.  Let's get back to what this thread is supposed to be.  We have another sashiko project to share but I want to do it in a separate post.

  4. Holy shit jyoni, that sweat is looking pretty epic. How do you find it at work, get hot pretty fast? Have had to retire my denim shirts for the year as they are just too much, but a sweat like this would be nice.



    It can get a little warm but not overly so.  Even if I take it off for a while, I'll still go back to it throughout the day.  If you're looking for a sweatshirt for work, this one is money well spent.  It takes a lot of abuse.

  5. Whoa I'm on my phone so I'll be quick. I'll check in later as well.

    Buddy I know you're ornery but let's ease back a moment. It's a critique that was offered up and should be viewed as such. I know it's hard to hear when we're having such a blast doing things we love.

    This kind of thing can spiral miserably and I'd hate to see it happen in a frickin repair thread full of cool shit people are doing.

  6. Wow you guys, thank you!  Those are some seriously high compliments.  @bradl no worries, gotta take care of the pets and frankly real life costs are more important than laying down international shipping for a hobby!  I'll pm you, actually been meaning to.  @ggis, that's exactly what it feels like, breathing life into it.


    Best part is doing it with my oldest and best friend.  Jordan's father was one of my first teachers as an apprentice carpenter, and years later I was one of Jordan's first teachers as an apprentice.  And we have always remained tight.  We still don't like to reveal who does what.  Don't want to get into it but we've been honeydicked and headf*cked too hard in that area.  We're staying together.  There's no better way to evolve and grow than to share ideas with someone I respect and have come to view as a true peer.

  7. ayo Jyoni, off topic but you do repairs yea?  Interested in helping me out with my Strike Gold Hoody?  I want to patch the elbow holes with the Samurai 710 hem scraps I have.  If you are too busy, dont sweat it.  And I will obvious;y pay


    For sure!  It sounds like I might have a similar repair to do to my Left Field sweatshirt, so I've been brainstorming some cool stuff for that type of fix.  I'll pm ya.

  8. Ah Long, great evo!!!


    It's been a while since I checked in.  Someone please let me know if my recent absence affects eligibility.


    I've been able to wear these regularly again, so hopefully I can catch up with some of you guys!





  9. Ugh you guys, I will update soon.  It's been a busy time lately.


    bobbo, I love that you're fixing it yourself.  What is your instagram?  Just follow me and I'm 100% certain I will spot the dude fixing his own shit.

  10. Next this is a final pic of that hidden rivet teaser posted earlier.  Incidentally this pair also shares the tubifer-like knee patch posted above.  Quite a pair of jeans at this point, I would say.


    I've been stingy about posting this anywhere lol





    A mini-darn added to the little hole off to the left of seam :)



  11. Sorry for the absence everyone!  Wanted to share some repairs since we've been super busy both with work and personal time.  I do have to make some time to update personal garments as well.  Also, we have very exciting news on our end!


    First up is a repair to a top button blowout on my TCB contest pair.  A piece of leather is embedded in the waistband for strength.  Original hardware was salvaged and re-used.  I notice Klue was using a similar technique with coins!  It's a convergence of ideas -- we certainly didn't crib it.







  12. Oh boy, installing a zipper would be fun! I haven't seen the hoodie in person. Waxedandriveted has a keen eye in these matters so now I'm very curious.

    @guthrie and @Formula Pfaff, pm if you'd like to take advantage of the repair offer! As the contest ends, it brings back memories of the start, when it was just an exciting idea that grew. Call it nostalgia, but because of that we wanted to put a little something in the prize mix too.

    I must admit I am struggling to accept a place among the winners. I don't mean to question the judging -- I know the insane amount of love and hard needlework put into them yielded quite a special pair. Just struggling with it. I'm just so blown away by some of the other pairs.

  13. My internet hasn't been transferred to my new place so I'm awol. I have no further expressions of wear or evolution in any case! Mine are not contenders anyway, not against this lot. Nice work people!

    When the dust settles on a champion (no pun intended) I'll get some fits up.

    Best of luck...I predict some tough decisions for the judging.

  14. We get a lot of inspiration from old tattoo flash for the embroideries, since it's the same kind of vibe. Killer work Jyoni, have you quit the day job yet?  


    Yeah, wouldn't that be nice  :laugh2:   Maybe someday.  Thanks dude!

  15. A 35.5-36 with 11 front and 17 back would be tough, as you've said.  I know what you mean though.  There is a synergy between the two rises.  For my particular body it's not a matter of comfort or discomfort.  Nothing I have is uncomfortable.  It's more like, every old school repro I've tried fits like a mid rise haha.  Then again I'm a lunky dude so that leads to wondering about upper size carding.  *****edit, not that I am unhappy with it.  In fact I am quite happy with it.

  16. Thanks guys!  :)


    @FormulaPfaff, isn't their chainstitch embroidery nuts?  The eagle is great.  I have things I would love to have them do for me.  I'm sure you'll come up with something cool. 

  17. Nice, I don't watch the show but I definitely want to see it!


    Well, the finishing touches on the sweatpants are done.  Whew, this was a labor of love.


    It's an LF varsity letter, embroidered by hand with chainstitching.  Love the stuff LF is doing with their embroidery and wanted to try a simple piece by hand.

    And...there's a belt!

    Damage is from scraping off dried construction glue and the material thinning more and more over time.  Imminent rips:



    Roughed out patch:




    Sewing the patch.  A backstitch looked too goofy with all the chainstitching so it's chainstitched as well.





    Finished and cleaned up, with a couple extra pics, and one of the belt!







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