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  1. because i'm a tech hobo  B)


    @Sarang Hae,
    I'm surprised they let you take photos when you visited. They were very guarded when my team visited.

    I tried out the rain room when we were there and it was pretty cool. Head to toe gore gear and walked out bone dry.

  2. joey i already knew fhat. i was talking about the type of center back he was assigned to play as. did i not say i already knew about the injuries (and even if i did not say that i can certainly read and recall who the center backs were from a standard match report).

  3. Praying West Ham draw Spurs at White Hart Lane in the FA Cup. Couldn't get a ticket for last night, but was there for the 0-3 to see Allardyce hammer the first nail into AvB's coffin. Very rare we get one over this lot, so to do it twice in one season at their place is amazing.


    They make some baffling decisions with managers. Martin Jol gets them to 5th - sacked. Redknapp gets them to 4th - sacked. And now AvB. 


    Personally, I wish nothing but misfortune on Daniel Levy.


    speaking of arry i just read this http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/sep/05/harry-redknapp-played-fan-west-ham


    everyone know this story prob but :'-)

  4. finally tried on the black noir psn. these are pretty good and i think i may keep. cut is more tapered below knee than max obv, but not skinny like ace.

    as for the color, black noir is pretty black. not waxed black like new max cash but definitely not grey.

    sz down 1 btw.

    get acne max cash tts. i only tried on psn bc i like how my raw ones fit (higher rise than ps, good).

  5. get acne max cash tts. i only tried on psn bc i like how my raw ones fit (higher rise than ps, good).


    so how is it going? could you post some updates here? fitpics prolly would be nice  :rolleyes:


    cause actually I'm thinking between those two as well, going for the slimmer cuts instead of skinnier ones..


  6. i'm 9.5 in nikes and went with 43

    2nd one btw



    Also, can anyone comment on how the Camper shoes fit? The last BWs I owned were from SS08 before he did the Camper stuff, so I'm unsure how these fit and I don't think Opening Ceremony LA has this season's jawnz yet. And I'm between sizes ='(



  7. i just ordered apc petit new standards black noir and acne max cash


    will probably return one of them


    but im wearing julian red dark dancers again and they still feel cool


    so i might return both :x

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