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  1. Damn, im only level 12, does anyone here play warhawk ?

    used to when it came out, nobody on my list does anymore though, even after that omega dawn shit, it's all COD,Tekken & GT5:P Online for me

  2. Shit handling? We're talking a damn Chevy Tahoe here...they aren't exactly known for thier handling/performance.

    For the record, I like that whip too.

    haha, think about what you just said, 20" wheels were never mentioned in reference to that Tahoe, who cares how an SUV handles, i'm talking about the bimmer with the oversized, gaudy wheels

  3. i always loved that paint job, i wonder how much would it cost to get it done?

    next to nothing, it's flat black, those 20" wheels look like they don't belong on that car with those huge,thin spokes unless you just want that baller status, not too mention the shit handling that comes with them. put some 18" deep dish HRE's on that bitch or something not flat-faced rims haha

  4. fast life, born to die, who gives a fuck

    we done seen it all by twenty-five, and lived it up

    from the rawest to the raw, to the slug through your door

    they missed you but pressed your bitch in a hollow tip bra

    there's a science to the way we move, cock tools

    and walk up in the club without scuffin' our Prada shoes

    on this side we on the by-by, we buy the rules

    so when you play with us y'all niggas just gotta lose

    lust for them things that turn women to wives

    live for that shit that determines your street size

    run with them twins that waters you mother's eyes

    that's diamonds, cocaine, and burners on my thighs

  5. if he likes to drive get him the Sparcos or something similiar, if he simply admires racing get him some dunks or shit like that, i have some onitsuka tigers with paper thin soles for the track, 600hp clutches and thick/bulky shoes do NOT mix

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