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  1. On 12/28/2017 at 3:58 PM, superfuture said:

    they got hoovered by fb from 2009 onwards.
    however facebook now completely moderated by algorithms so good luck with that... esp. fb groups.
    it seems we're now entering the post fb era and that might see a move back to human run indy online communities?? 
    anyway..... that's our crystal superball prediction at the end of 2017...

    interesting that styleforum is still doing fine then. if what you were saying was true, wouldn't styleforum also be dead? 


    no, this site is dead because the people who were in charge took their users for granted. and its not coming back, sorry.

  2. Looking at some Visvim tabi sashiko's, but the tag on the tongue is a newer one (leather/head dress) as opposed to the fabric/striped  blue and white on the original 2011 ones. Everything else looks fine to me! Just wondering if anyone knows if there' been an updated/different version with this tongue tag? Thanks!




    i would ask in the visvim thread or the visvim community sale thread, this thread doesn't get a lot of traffic

  3. that's a good fit. questions; w2c yahoo sniper tee and how long those ann d's been holding up?

    thanks. eddie is selling them (transfinitism on tumblr), and not long/well. haven't worn them much at all and they're ready to fall apart. shit quality.

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