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  1. Does anyone know what time of day new items usually go on sale in the web store?  I think I want to buy this fall's vans collaboration, but i'm not sure when exactly they go on sale.

  2. Food:

    If you're out on Hawthorne the cup and saucer has really good vegan friendly food.

    I recommend the 12th and Hawthorne food carts. Not as many as the ones at 10th and (is it Morrison?), but all of the carts are very good, especially Potato Champion.

    If you are visiting portland and have a car go to the voodoo on the east side. Much easier to find parking and usually the lines are shorter.

    Pine State Biscuits on Belmont is extremely delicious and affordable. I highly recommend visiting. There are lines on weekend mornings, but its well worth the wait.

    Sushiland in the pearl is cheap and not bad either


    If you're interested in thrift stores and hipstery apparel, the Goodwill Bins out in Milwaukie can be interesting and fun. By the Ace Hotel, Billy Galaxy, Reading Frenzy is interesting, Jackpot Records and Everyday Music are excellent record stores.

    As far as clothing goes, I recommend Winn Perry, Stand Up Comedy, The Woodlands, and Local 35.

    If you're interested in streetwear/sneakers, Just Be is good, and Upper Playground is more or less right across from it.

  3. i feel like questions like that are too broad. what style do you like? sport/dress? pilot? diver?

    I guess I don't quite have the watch vocabulary to narrow it that much, but I like minimalist pilot watches. I like the Bell and Ross Vintage 126, the Sinn 656, and sort of like the simpler Breitling Chronomats. On the dressier side I suppose.

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