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  1. LeftyJeenyus


    seems just a powder/wind skirt as mentioned before that snaps shut at the front. ~Lefty
  2. LeftyJeenyus


    I would assume they do as long as they have the same 4 snap button attachment location ~Lefty
  3. LeftyJeenyus


    In for white J1B. I wish he just had additional hood colors/styles and sold them separately. ~Lefty
  4. LeftyJeenyus

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: 3A-1 L1 or L2, hold the rape. ~Lefty
  5. LeftyJeenyus


    Nice write-up. Could you get a photo comparison of the curved shoulder pocket you mentioned? I have the newest 2.2A along with the 58 combo and love the shielding, so I worry when you said the flap may allow leakage. I love the new gravity flap, much more minimalistic. I love the new ability to escape zip without having zipping because my big gripe is definitely the lowering of the collar zip and fully zipping in order to use the escape. I don't particularly like the mezz entry access reallocation mentioned, maybe its me but I've grown to like entering from the zipper side. I like the interior pocket of the flak pocket thats mentioned. as well. At this point, with the various hood colors and variations, these should be produced and/or sold seperately for 'replacement' or accessorizing purposes. REGARDING PHOTOS: you can access past story posts via the archive feature in you profile settings. My friend sent me your story and they disappeared, and I realized EFF its 24 hours. ~Lefty
  6. LeftyJeenyus


    I thought my washing made the patch adhesive come off. Thank you. Guess it’s just a stitching reinforcement. ~Lefty
  7. LeftyJeenyus


    For those that have the p34, do you have these these cargo joint squares internally? Were they loose on yours or was it suppose to be like a seam tape sealing the corner from stress? ~Lefty
  8. LeftyJeenyus


    I looked into these. $30 on the RZ website. $150+ship+duties(15% made in china) on coevo. I guess you could buy the RZ m1 neoprene and do a stencil+rattlecan job on the sides. E would probably be more proud as well with the DIY mindset. ~Lefty
  9. LeftyJeenyus


    I will be wearing it tomorrow with the j1a or another soft shell myself. I will say that it does hug at the bottom snuggly, but not overly. The cuff snaps are better not tightened. I could wear it tightened, just not at my comfort level. The pockets do feel huge and feel similar to that, but not equivalent to the 78. I can feel what E was noting in the variation changes. As for the insulator heft independence, I will try it alone soon, but comparing between the 78 and this solo, I liked the 78 as an independent, when I had tried it(not as snug at the hem). With the hard wear thing, I'm in the same boat, if I bought it for personal use and its pricey, I'm going to wear it as its meant to. The 58 does feel like it doesn't leave too much to layer like a hoodie, but does leave enought for like a button down, flannel maybe, or tee, A sweater seems like overkill with this, but I'll update with experience. Man, I hate the duties($230.41 NYC >:( ). ~Lefty
  10. LeftyJeenyus


    Hot wash cycle launder? ~Lefty
  11. LeftyJeenyus


    Sigh. The person mis-classified my item after the HTS 6201.93.49 or .65 was at 27.7%+15%chinatax person putting it in OTHER, lazy mofo. I called and said told them it was a water resistant jacket so it got slashed to 7.1%+15%chinatax. The HTS is listed explicitly on the invoice so I couldn't go outside of 6201.93.60 to get a lower rate Duties incoming about 250something..... ~Lefty
  12. LeftyJeenyus


    I have the j1A2.2 and wore it for the first time. It is very stiff as already known. I was intending to get the j78 as a liner under. I have not been able to try the j78 under the j1a before it sold out at Kithnyc here. I’m wearing the j1a with a denim shirt and undershirt, and a like mid layer ventrix hoody would be perfect, and feel the j78 would be too think to place under my j1a if i didn’t size down. My question is did anyone on here get a j78 and j1a2.2 tts together? In this pic I’m wearing the p34 in a size s and j1 in a m. My usual tts is M in top and 31/32 M in waist. ~Lefty
  13. LeftyJeenyus


    I have these. Different feel than the HD but not by much unless you had em side by side. The waist side pockets are deep as well as the backs. I like the mezz pockets for quick access. It fulfilled all my needs use. I fit an iPad into the mezz pocket every now and again as well. In with regards to pilling on the fabric, I haven’t had this yet after multiple days of use. ~Lefty
  14. LeftyJeenyus


    I just checked this. There is a loop under each armpit and at the back neck for the jacket sling. There are two external pockets and 2 dual entry internal pockets. Each internal pocket has a zip close to the chest pocket as well the secondary access deeper which is useful when the jacket is worn in sling mode. Below is my fit medium. I am 5’8. The jacket has some heft. I have a medium crewneck under. The cuffs are pretty tight as well. I could probably do without the crewneck even but was in a rush. ~Lefty
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