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  1. LeftyJeenyus


    Nice. May try this since I recently got a few carabiners. No photo currently but sorting out communication of the order currently. this is what was communicated and invoiced. “Things went faster than expected, I was just on the phone with our Acronym contact. Since an Acronym strap for the 3A-1 does not exist, and thus isn’t being sold by Acronym, we can absolutely make one for you. However, we can not use any Acronym materials for it. This means that your strap would have to come with a black plastic buckle, as opposed to the Olive one on the Acronym bag, and the webbing itself would have to be black or Olive. It’s worth nothing that our Olive webbing isn’t identical with the Acronym Olive webbing, but very very close. The black webbing is essentially the same for BJ & Acronym bags. “ So it seems probably just slight color variation. Is the only difference, as soon as I receive the strap I’ll snap a flick. ~Lefty
  2. LeftyJeenyus


    email bagjack. they can make one and ship for about 70usd. I got one made, but it didn't get misdelivered/stolen last August due to them not sending me tracking and it disappearing. Thank you for reminding me to contact them about the investigation. ~Lefty
  3. LeftyJeenyus


    At way below retail as well of about 30% off! ~Lefty
  4. LeftyJeenyus


    Quick question. This is the hem toggle on the right right side of j1a-gt2.2. Is there a way to fix this spring? the spring exposed is what it should be but the spring seems to have lost its tension completely somehow and is in the open position that is shown. i have to manually pull it out to tighten. ~Lefty
  5. LeftyJeenyus


    Quick question. This is the hem toggle on the right right side of j1a-gt2.2. How does this toggle hold if the gauge of the bungee is low? ~Lefty
  6. LeftyJeenyus


    Thank you for the only positive rep i will give you. I wish the evo jacket had waist packets would have clicked buy; but now just waiting for the j1b white to drop stateside and avoid paying calculated additional duties taxes due to laziness since o have the j1a2.2 +j58 combo set for most of my winter. ~Lefty
  7. LeftyJeenyus


    seems just a powder/wind skirt as mentioned before that snaps shut at the front. ~Lefty
  8. LeftyJeenyus


    I would assume they do as long as they have the same 4 snap button attachment location ~Lefty
  9. LeftyJeenyus


    In for white J1B. I wish he just had additional hood colors/styles and sold them separately. ~Lefty
  10. LeftyJeenyus

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: 3A-1 L1 or L2, hold the rape. ~Lefty
  11. LeftyJeenyus


    Nice write-up. Could you get a photo comparison of the curved shoulder pocket you mentioned? I have the newest 2.2A along with the 58 combo and love the shielding, so I worry when you said the flap may allow leakage. I love the new gravity flap, much more minimalistic. I love the new ability to escape zip without having zipping because my big gripe is definitely the lowering of the collar zip and fully zipping in order to use the escape. I don't particularly like the mezz entry access reallocation mentioned, maybe its me but I've grown to like entering from the zipper side. I like the interior pocket of the flak pocket thats mentioned. as well. At this point, with the various hood colors and variations, these should be produced and/or sold seperately for 'replacement' or accessorizing purposes. REGARDING PHOTOS: you can access past story posts via the archive feature in you profile settings. My friend sent me your story and they disappeared, and I realized EFF its 24 hours. ~Lefty
  12. LeftyJeenyus


    I thought my washing made the patch adhesive come off. Thank you. Guess it’s just a stitching reinforcement. ~Lefty
  13. LeftyJeenyus


    For those that have the p34, do you have these these cargo joint squares internally? Were they loose on yours or was it suppose to be like a seam tape sealing the corner from stress? ~Lefty
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