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  1. LeftyJeenyus


    I looked into these. $30 on the RZ website. $150+ship+duties(15% made in china) on coevo. I guess you could buy the RZ m1 neoprene and do a stencil+rattlecan job on the sides. E would probably be more proud as well with the DIY mindset. ~Lefty
  2. LeftyJeenyus


    I will be wearing it tomorrow with the j1a or another soft shell myself. I will say that it does hug at the bottom snuggly, but not overly. The cuff snaps are better not tightened. I could wear it tightened, just not at my comfort level. The pockets do feel huge and feel similar to that, but not equivalent to the 78. I can feel what E was noting in the variation changes. As for the insulator heft independence, I will try it alone soon, but comparing between the 78 and this solo, I liked the 78 as an independent, when I had tried it(not as snug at the hem). With the hard wear thing, I'm in the same boat, if I bought it for personal use and its pricey, I'm going to wear it as its meant to. The 58 does feel like it doesn't leave too much to layer like a hoodie, but does leave enought for like a button down, flannel maybe, or tee, A sweater seems like overkill with this, but I'll update with experience. Man, I hate the duties($230.41 NYC >:( ). ~Lefty
  3. LeftyJeenyus


    Hot wash cycle launder? ~Lefty
  4. LeftyJeenyus


    Sigh. The person mis-classified my item after the HTS 6201.93.49 or .65 was at 27.7%+15%chinatax person putting it in OTHER, lazy mofo. I called and said told them it was a water resistant jacket so it got slashed to 7.1%+15%chinatax. The HTS is listed explicitly on the invoice so I couldn't go outside of 6201.93.60 to get a lower rate Duties incoming about 250something..... ~Lefty
  5. LeftyJeenyus


    I have the j1A2.2 and wore it for the first time. It is very stiff as already known. I was intending to get the j78 as a liner under. I have not been able to try the j78 under the j1a before it sold out at Kithnyc here. I’m wearing the j1a with a denim shirt and undershirt, and a like mid layer ventrix hoody would be perfect, and feel the j78 would be too think to place under my j1a if i didn’t size down. My question is did anyone on here get a j78 and j1a2.2 tts together? In this pic I’m wearing the p34 in a size s and j1 in a m. My usual tts is M in top and 31/32 M in waist. ~Lefty
  6. LeftyJeenyus


    I have these. Different feel than the HD but not by much unless you had em side by side. The waist side pockets are deep as well as the backs. I like the mezz pockets for quick access. It fulfilled all my needs use. I fit an iPad into the mezz pocket every now and again as well. In with regards to pilling on the fabric, I haven’t had this yet after multiple days of use. ~Lefty
  7. LeftyJeenyus


    I just checked this. There is a loop under each armpit and at the back neck for the jacket sling. There are two external pockets and 2 dual entry internal pockets. Each internal pocket has a zip close to the chest pocket as well the secondary access deeper which is useful when the jacket is worn in sling mode. Below is my fit medium. I am 5’8. The jacket has some heft. I have a medium crewneck under. The cuffs are pretty tight as well. I could probably do without the crewneck even but was in a rush. ~Lefty