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  1. I kno...

    But its hard wen the parents live on opposite sides of the world.

    I was gonna move here in the Philippines for: Her, School, and building a family.

    How can I live in a foriegn country, without support of a family like that?

    I had plans on wat I HAD to do, to make ends meet. I asked her, what about the plans we made?

    Her... "Fuck those plans."

    Kids need dads and kids need a FAMILY. Mom + Dad is a family to a kid. They dont need a brother or a sister. Just a mom and dad to be there for them. Thats my view on how raising a family should be. Put aside anything and everything, just to make the family work. Thats wat Im willing to do.

    But... I couldnt just NOT ask her WTF her problem was. Because, it would jus piss me off later in the nite.

    My style changed, my weight/body structure changed, but my beliefs in love/what a FAMILY should be, have always been the same.

    I knew that I wanted to be with her, wen I saw that the engangement ring (different story, young and ignorant...) on my necklace, fit her finger PERFECTLY.

    Reason for the diamond ring (I ALWAYS bullshit people about it, but wat the hell... No use keeping secrets forever.) For my ex (I was... 15 HAHA.) But I didnt see the ring as JUST FOR YOU BECAUSE YOURE KOREAN AND MY GIRLFRIEND AND WERE YOUNG AND I WANNA MARRY YOU BECAUSE YOURE MY FIRST REAL GIRLFRIEND blah blah BULLSHIT.

    I bought the ring thinking its for someone I love, and would build a family with. It was a ring that helped me explain my beliefs on love. My past girlfriend didnt want to try it on, because of her belief. That the ring was for my ex and it was a reminder about my ex. But like I sed... Its a reminder/the definition of my beliefs on love.

    Real time...

    This girlfriend wanted to try it on, she did. I was just in awe at how perfect the ring fit. Wasnt snug, wasnt loose, just sat right on her finger. (right hand because I sed so.)

    But yea...

    Iono... I have no idea wats going to happen for the rest of my stay here.

    No clue if shes gonna call me while Im still here or not.

    She thinks Im gonna leave her, and have no plans to come back here for her/our baby. For no reason at all, I keep explaining to her and keep reassuring her... but she still has doubts in me.

    If she doesnt call me while Im still here, pretty much done for. So I have no idea wat to expect.

    Ramble ramble ramble.

    All this story is kindda weird. Were you guys getting along fine before that night? Was everything okay or were you fighting all the time? 'cause if everything was perfect, I guess that she had a reason to leave.

    Maybe it was only her hormones that were fucked up because of the pregnancy... Or maybe she was just looking for a reason to leave?

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