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  1. Stussy x MP or Nike Eugene Backpack?

    I have a jansport like this, after 4 years it started tearing + i'm having a lot of stuff and I can barely fit, my calc binder,calc book,physics book, and ipad in it. i'm not even talking about laptop.i think i'll go with the stussy x mp. btw I went to undftd today and checked if they have the old backpack from 08 (technical cordura) but it was unavailable. any more suggestions?
  2. Stussy x MP or Nike Eugene Backpack?

    Since your answer is irrelevant, I assume you need to go back to elementary school and learn how to read questions, and techniques for answering them. I didn't ask which one is "doper" because for me both of them look good.However my questions were which one is more durable, have more usable space, and gives better bang for the buck considering that the tiffany cost 160$ and the stussy is 115$. Sorry for being harsh, Thanks.
  3. Stussy x MP or Nike Eugene Backpack?

    ?? nobody has these?
  4. Hi, i'm on my hunt for a new backpack and I'm kinda torn between these two.. the Eugene is the tiffany colorway, I'm looking for a big backpack to put all my stuff, laptop,ipad, college books,binders,hoodies or sneakers sometimes... which one has better value for the money (better quality and more space) is the eugene made out of ripstop nylon or any special material or just polyester? how would it compare with the mp that's from cordura? Thanks