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  1. I only just found out Michael Mayer made Immer 3 this year!! how did we get through 40 posts in this thread without anyone bringing this to my attention!

    anyway, have listened once so far and it seems very good. honestly probably not going to have longevity of the first Immer but I look forward to putting this one on non-stop for the time being. it's cool to have a couple of my favorite kompakt tracks from previous year on here along with the stuff I never heard before.

  2. it's funniest about sufu to me that people have such strong convictions about their taste in clothing. there are people who love different aesthetics and say user mellowfellow or kixforlife or whomever are the best.

    I think user bluespring is easily better than any of them since he is actually doing something innovative and subversive.

    sweater/jacket length here is great, even if just from the fact that it's a big 'fuck you' to people who want to see their expected proportion conventions

  3. 1.) Titus Andronicus - The Monitor

    2.) JME- Blam!

    3.) Double Dagger- Masks EP

    4.) Richard Rich- Twit Tape

    5.) Kingdom- That Mystic EP

    6.) Caribou- Odessa

    7.) Lower Dens- Demo Vol II

    8.) Nice Face- Immer Etwas

    9.) Drunkdriver- Drunkdriver

    10.) Dinowalrus- %

    my list includes both EP and full length releases, but I did not put on singles or compilations. Otherwise Isolee's The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Maru would definitely be the top half or so and Total 11 would probably make it too.

    Double Dagger maybe should be lower but I like it a lot. Caribou made a great album but I just don't listen to it much, probably should be higher.

    Frisco had a good album, Fully Grown, but is basically worse than any of his mixtapes and just doesn't make it in the ten here. I didn't listen much but Junky Star by Ryan Bingham is probably quite good, possibly belongs here.

    As much as I love Titus Andronicus, The Monitor doesn't really stand up to the great records of all time so I guess I have to say 2010 wasn't great for music- whatever that means.

  4. ^ the flaw in your logic is that you are implicitly comparing HD650 on a portable rig to HD650 on an optimized home rig.

    of course HD650 on full-size amp and source will sound better than a compromised lightweight setup. Are there battery powered headphone amps that will make the HD650 sound great? absolutely

    what is the comparison to? are you saying HD 650 on a portable system will sound worse than SR325i on the same exact portable system? or say compared to dedicated portable phones like ER4P (of course danger with this and other audio comparisons is people who genuinly like the SR325i or ER4P over HD650)

    also please enjoy this video of AKG K1000 being enjoyed on-the-go


  5. fuck wiley

    how can you say fuck wiley, fuck you and suck ur mums bomba clart u prick, if it wernt for wiley and a few other mc's back in the day, grime wouldn't be where it is you clown, show some respect, your washed


  6. how can you say fuck user doctorworm, fuck you and suck ur mums bomba clart u prick, if it wernt for user doctorworm and a few other user's back in the day, sufu wouldn't be where it is you clown, show some respect, your washed

  7. aw1011invite.jpg





    'Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with (or augmented by) virtual computer-generated imagery - creating a mixed reality'

  8. What a pusyass little prick

    It kills me how many people talk serious game, and they push, and push and push. And when someone pushes back, they fucking cry and talk about lawsuits, little bitch had it coming

    You reap what you sow, color has nothing to do with it

    +rep for an awesome video though

    you say "color has nothing to do with it." really? black guy certainly wasn't acting admirably in this situation but do you think he would be going around with such a chip on his shoulder if he were living in society without racial prejudices?

    he even says at 0:45 "'cause, I'm pissed off"

    I don't think it is much of a stretch to link this to living in such caucasian-centric and privileged society.

    I think I understand your general sentiment though and agree with it, I have no problems with people picking fights with the wrong guy and getting shown up. I just wanted to add in my observation that neither party is blameless in anyway.

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