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  1. im drinking natty ice in a glass full of ice because im too lazy to fucking wait.

    and you can get shenmue and a DC emulator on piratebay. you gotta search forthe bios files tho, theyre available. i had shenmue running on my pc for a bit, and i used to play it during western civ class


    I'll smoke you all in CS

    i was a super CS nerd and ran a team from cal-o to cal-m for 5 seasons (prior to cal-premier)

    also i recently rejoined a cal team /w some old friends of mine, we are 1-0 in preseason



    my life is at the lowest point in a while, but i think its curving back up towards positive...

    cod4 with the uzi + doubletap perk, son. shit is disgusting. best shit i pulled so far was a 26 kill streak on shipment, with nothing but a pump shotty, 1 airstrike, and 1 heli. unfortunately, i did it on my friends account, so i get no creds for it, but he reconize dat

  2. it's the exact same shoe, it's the poor lighting in my pic + no flash, made the shoes come out a bit darker than they are

    hey, can you post pics of them on? i think your pic looks better than the shoebaloo one...

  3. i need to step up the shave game and get into the whole singleblade thing. for shaving, ive been using the quattro/shaving oil/shaving gel combo.

    for moisturizers im fond of the shiseido men's lineup.

    astringent, i use murad. and a clay mask from anthony's

    for hair, i use the bigsexy line of hairspray, shampoos and conditioners. aveda control paste, bumble & bumble brilliantine, framesi wax, gatsby green.

  4. You are her property.

    hah. fuck that. already mentioned i had a few drinks beforehand. i aint gonna call her up or stalk her or ask for no damn numbers. just saying, weaksauce on my behalf. aint asking for feelings or phone numbers or any of that shit. too much dignity and no time.

    i blame that case of natty.

    edit: she did say she was gonna return the favor tho. thats all i want. a motherfucking foot massage. im waitin, son.

  5. drunk, went to a party, drank a good bit. this same girl who i keep having "deep" conversations with in the previous parties, talking about the medical field and shit, and how she can "relate" and "understand" my attitude and persona, etc, asked me to massage her feet. so i did. but now i feel like a little bitch for doing it because i think shes only talking to me about that shit just so she can wrap me around her little fingers (or toes), even tho im probably never gonna get no play from that shit. weak, son. funny how she says all that shit, and she the only one that didnt drink. hmm, suspicious. fuck it tho, i aint sweatin nothin. aint wrappin my ass around anything...except another round of beer(pong)

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