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  1. Ginza backstreets sounds pretty good for drinking, dismal. Sounds like (semi-)classier versions of nonbeiyokocho places. Will check it out, thanks. I've wandered around in those blocks a few times before but not for drinking. I found a few amazing hardcore coffee places there as well (though those were on the other side of chuo dori). Nothing but coffee is served, kinda pricy as well, but they have an amazing selection of bean blends. Pretty hidden though, not the typical polished ginza main street places. The clientele (the few times I've been) is basically old salarymen.

  2. ^^yeah, you're right. I guess in that order: drinks, view and then clientele/雰囲気. The New Otani bar sounds like a blast. Park Hyatt might very well be the best, I haven't been there in 4-5 years. On second thought I probably won't be passing by the places where many of these hotels are located (?), unless they're close to regular drinking spots or (like the NY bar or the Cerulean Tower bar etc). What about regular cocktail bars?

  3. The only pizza place I go to regularly is Al Forno in Shibuya. It's just across expressway 3 when coming from the station, cerulean tower side. Great pizzas, priced around 1500-2000 yen. Few seats though, 15 or so, so might need to reserve or line up even on a weeknight. All seats are counter seats except for a table on the second floor.

  4. 2. - You Must Create belt buckle boots size EU42 (fits 42.5-43)

    YMC belt buckle boots, in size 42 and jet black color. Bought directly from YMC store. I've only worn them 3-4 times, after they they've just been sitting here unworn. The profile is a bit too sleek for what I'm into, so since I'm not wearing them, I want you to have them. Original box thrown out years ago, so not included. They look great with a slim/skinny silhouette.

    Belt wrap-around 2 buckle closure. Black, supple/soft leather. Size 42, but fits about 0.5-1 size big. I'm a 43 and they fit me spot on, would also work for 42.5 sizers.

    Outsole measures 12" / 30.5 cm

    $155 shipped worldwide




  5. Paypal. PM for questions.

    1. - Stephan Schneider turtleneck knit, size 6

    Thin, black turtleneck knit in 100% wool from a few seasons back. As always with Schneider, the fabric is great. Very soft hand with a subtle diamond pattern in the weave that hopefully comes through in the picture. I've also tried to show that it's quite thin and light weight, and although it's a turtleneck construction it's more appropriate for spring or fall use rather than harsh winters. With some layering (or without) it could be a staple 3 season piece. The roll neck is rather wide/loose and not at all restricting or tight on the neck, which creates a softer look. Raglan sleeves, with interesting panel construction at the shoulders. Great peice; don't miss out.

    Fits like a regular 6 in SS, in my experience. Would fit 48-50.


    chest: 21"

    length: 27"

    $155 -> $130 shipped worldwide




  6. i'm on inokashira so it won't be that difficult for me

    ramen can never get old for me. granted I can't have decent ones all year round, mostly just when I'm over here which is not so often.

    edit: would appreciate recommendations for good curry spots too

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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