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  1. check this out: Not sure how much time you have to train if you are also studying but the gyms over there are like camps. I had a chance to visit Fairtex camp about 2 years ago.. it was bare bones and no frills, no distractions but plenty of bags, weights and pads.. I dont have experience training in Thai but My Khru has and told me it was the most brutal and exciting time of his life. The way he described it was like boot camp with a bunch of AM and AM-Pro's,they treat it like a school over there.. wake up, run.. bags all day and break a few banana trees for stronger shins. They also focus on more ancient styles like Chaiya compared to whats learned in the states.
  2. where are the super chiefers?
  3. that is such a steal, i have the same exact pair in the same exact size. the pictures of a bit vague , get a picture of the inside tag and the size tag. It looks legit from that angle tho. But judging by the 100$ feedback and the crack this guy sells.. I'd take it. Here are some pics of my tags, I hope this helps. If u need more just PM. (last pic shows the metal trinket locked around one of the belt loops the initials read 'CD')
  4. i like, what widgets are you using?
  5. agreed, I'll wait on this or till my pair is done to take a better look. but until then, Den.M Bar, the world would like to know..
  6. my bitch knows shes bad..
  7. driving from.. so cal? nice scenic route, but thats going to take forever so either leave to catch the sunrise, or sunset. as for a nice place, check out the 'JW Marriott' located in the Union Square'. The reviews speak for themselves, I would def stay there again
  8. what up SUFU, been hella busy but was finally able to find time for a fitting. I've added some pics to detail out the process. This is only a fitting, so I was measured and was able to picked out the fabric and materials that will go into my final pair. I want to point out that you should wear a pair of denim coming here so they have something to work off of. I came in bball shorts and had to put on a sample pair of fitting, took a little longer but wasn't an issue. Anyways, enough with the talk, lets see some pics - enjoy :: PART 1 : The Fitting 1. Filling out the Form.. didn't know jeans required this many measurements but it all starts with this. Depending on the cut, they offer options of more customization. 2. Choosing your cut: They offer 4 templates to work off of. I chose Slim Tapered 3. Choosing Denim Material: this places stocks an impressive rack quality variety of denim, I saw pretty stoked at the selection of Japanese denim. But I ended up going for the 130z Cone Denim... Felt good so why not? 4. Details and accents: wasn't too used to seeing different yarn colors on my denim so choosing yarn color and pocket linings was fun. Theres also a bunch of rivets to choose from. Zipper fly only.. I was also unaware but if you have your OWN pocket-lining material you would like to use instead of theirs, bring it in. I almost rescheduled to go find fabric but their selection worked out... Den.M Bar also has the option for custom engraving on the leather patch on the back, I went with the default. I'll post for yall to see when its done.. 5. Taking Measurements: I got measured from calves and hips up to waist area. Using the measurements they draw out a mock scale or template of your fit that will be used to start the bespoke process. I took pics of what they look like... Bonus pic of the store: Overall the entire fitting process took less than 30 minutes depending on how picky you are. The staff there were friendly and helpful, I expected snobbier - so thanks. The experience is very much like getting a custom suit. Now that the first part is over, I was told to wait a week or so before getting called in again to try on the work-in progress. From there I'll have the option to alter any measurements before getting the final product. I hope this was helpful SUFU'ers. Stay tuned for PART 2
  9. notice how it read "not1not2not3not4" LOL.... & @Kobe Bryant's "BYNUM 4 SALE"... got'em
  10. wheel dealers
  11. thanks i needed this one.... great post
  12. Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer ...meh