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  1. John M - I have both a w34 and w36 in the 710's and believe it or not both fit. They are stretchy. The w36 pair are most comfortable up top but they have heaps of room (prob too much) in the seat and thighs. The 34 is much better up top but slightly tight on the thigh.

    For comfort purposes my w36 get most wear. Aesthetically I prefer the slimmer silhouette of the w34.

    I am a w33 in the 1101 and w34 in the Warehouse lot900.

  2. Flathead 3012 w36

    One hot soak and worn Only twice. Unfortunately they don't fit. Awesome denim. Bought from and chainstitched by Rivet and Hide, London. Just want to recoup some of my losses to obtain a pair that will fit. £150 shipped within the EU. International buyers PM me for a quote. Payment via PayPal with the buyer paying the fees.


    Waist - 34.5inches

    Front Rise - 11.25inches

    Back Rise - 16inches

    Length - 34.5inches

    Leg Opening - 7.75inches


  3. I can concur with this I have the 714 in w33. Waist is pretty big. I would normally be a 34/35 or even 36 in some brands. Great denim and top notch construction.

    Was reluctant when I first tried them as I was unsure on back pocket shape but glad I did.

  4. Harsh.... I own a pair and think the cut is great. Much more flattering than some of the other better known Japanese brands take on this cut. The denim is top notch too. Just my opinion though...

  5. Warehouse 900 w34 l34

    Post 30C soak/washing machine cycle and following a days wear

    W - 35inches (I have stretched it throughout the day. Prob back at raw now)

    Front Rise - 10.75inches

    Back rise - 15.5inches

    Inseam - 33.5inches

    Leg Opening - 7.5inches

    Thigh - 12inches

    Really happy with the fit and the denim. Glad I got them now.

  6. I have the Resolute 710 in a w34 l36 and the w36 l36... Ideally I reckon I would need a w35 in Resolute. As the day goes on I am really liking these 900's. Will put up some measurements tonight.

    Did you also post about your Resolute? Can't remember right now.



    The 800 are great and slim enough for me. I am just more interested to see some "real person's" measurements on the 900 in my size. Just out of curiosity ;)


    If I buy another slim pair of Warehouse in the Banner denim I might jump on the Brown-Duck & Digger 1960 Ivy cut :D

  7. Personally I do not find the 800's slim. These 900's def are slim without being skin tight. Prob a tad slimmer all over than my Resolute 710's. Early days too but I think the 900s fit better than my Resolutes.

  8. Got my 900's from Caliroots. To confirm they have the red stitching at back pocket, denim pocket bags and the 34inseam.

    Did a 30C soak yesterday and have them on today. After initial panic buttoning up they are pretty perfect. Good slim tapered fit. Exactly what I wanted. Will post measurements later if anyone interested.

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