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  1. LA and SF are only slightly comparable, but SF is also kind of LA in the facet that instead of everyone wanting to be a "actor/model/photographer" everyone just wants to be a "programmer/venture capitalist/start-up hoe"

    Both cities have excellent music scenes, with different vibes in each. I will say that Oakland probably has more interesting parties and shows than SF itself though.

    San Diego ain't even a factor though, absolutely nothing goes on there. It's always a day late and a dollar short culturally.

  2. I still have my dreamcast I play that more than my 360 ahh the good old days before "social gaming" & not to mention u can download all its games online for free & the new dreamcast games still being released in 2012/2013.

    As far as the 360 goes I love it for COD, fighter games and the 7 Japanese released shmups that are region free.

    pretty much, I keep my 360 around mostly for some CAVE bullet hell goodness.

  3. anyway, are all of the hotels in palms springs usually booked already?

    i been meaning to chill at some of those ace hotel parties for some time now

    Hotels get booked up like a week after they announce the dates the year prior mane.

  4. How do you like the domeless? some of my homies love them but I don't really take too massive of dabs so I'm good with my lil 14'mm HE nail.

    I definitely need to get a new 18mm set-up to use the JAG dome I picked up from the Goosefire show, any other Sufu peeps hit up that exhibition ??

  5. whoever was asking about sub basses there are some nice sample packs floating around that take a lot of the guesswork in post-processing out of using soft synth basses, would recommend ital tek sub basses and heavy weight analogue sub basses, you can find them floating around the net :)

    wait wait wait....people use sample packs for making Subs???

    Wowowowow that's sorry, is it really that hard to add another oscillator in a matching lower frequency? -___-

  6. I don't know why I'm getting negged when I asked a legit question. I did search the thread and the last comments were made in 2010. Some of the places I got were Club air, Womb, Ahega le baroon and roppongi?

    It depends on what you're looking for, but nightlife in Tokyo pales in comparison to most major cities imo considering how phenomenal all their other cultural offerings are in Japan.

    but UNIT in Daikanyama books good stuff occasionally, and i've seen a lot of good line-ups at eleven.

  7. Prologue has been releasing good stuff for a while yeah.

    They have a label night on the 2nd of november with abdulla rashim, sabbatini, cassegrain... but somewhere else Surgeon, Sigha and Tommy Four Seven are playing at the same time... It will be hard to choose where to go... and the next day Shifted, Subjected and Deepchild play at some other venue.

    Yes but that is a dilemma almost every weekend in Berlin ;) there is also a Get Perlonized party that night too D:

    The nice thing about Berlin though is the parties last for such a long time it makes it much easier to hit up multiple shows than in the states where it's a small timeframe of like 10-2.

    I can't wait to go back to Berlin, there's so many odd venues I've yet to go to, a bit over hitting up Berghain though unless it's Sunday morning. ://about blank on the other hand remains one of my favorite venues in all of Berlin

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