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  1. MacBook.

    my macbook pro's battery shitted out. have to go in to get it repaired, however, the appointment dates suck (for me at least) but i'm still under warranty. anyone else have their battery drain out after a couple of months of using it? any recommendations aside from taking it in for repair?
  2. Jungle/D&B/Hardcore/DaRkSiDe HaRdCoRe

    [youtube] i was just listening to source direct tunes, all of their shit is timeless and amazing. this song by detboi is about to drop on the 14th through metalheadz, some of it sounds like SD, and detboi has stated that he took some influence from stonekiller. this song bangs!
  3. what are you watching today?

    this movie looks hilarious, thanks for posting
  4. superlative gifs (no porno) part deux

    ayo source?
  5. Photography Post Vol. 2

    These are from when I went to Ecuador earlier this year. these were just iphone pictures using vsco, hope you all enjoy.
  6. Corny White Girls Appreciation

    its all good and then you see the last one, damn.....
  7. Anime / Manga

    hey where did you see it? download? we're talking the 2012 version, right?
  8. Super Duper Awesome Gifs Ever (no porno)

  9. video games ruined my life

    Metal Gear Solid: Rising
  10. Anime / Manga

    yeah that was the best anime i've seen in awhile. thanks for sharing. the movie did not make the series justice i have to say though. but i was laughing hysterically the entire time.
  11. what are you watching today?

    ^ hands down the best film of the year. saw it twice already, plan on seeing it maybe another 4 times.
  12. rich crust punk girls

    ayo why you picking on galhammer?