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  1. How have I only just found this thread?! I'm like 6'6" with longish legs, I find 36 inseams to be okay. I have a pair of nudies in 36 and imperials which are about the same.

    The worst thing about being tall, is all the people that feel obliged to say "gee your tall" NO SHIT DICK HEAD!

    i hear that - i get it at least 20 times a day. 6'7" is tall, yeah, we know, you don't need to tell me - i'm the one thats that tall...

  2. my baby, and its child

    my other baby, and my gibson J45 (circa 1966), and my fender HRD 4x10 behind it, as well as my brothers crate VC50

    my pedalboard:

    NYC big muff

    small stone

    fender blender

    sustain punch creamy dreamer

    vox v847 wah

    digitech whammy

    assorted extra gear:

    ADA MP-1 preamp

    Alesis Multiverb 2

    Digitech rack compressor

    Boss DS-1

    Ibanez DS-7

    Dunlop Cry baby

  3. Blow Up is amazing - first time i heard the yardbirds was in that film, originally antonioni wanted the who or tomorrow as well as the velvet underground (they were blowing up themselves on the factory scene), but had to settle for the yardbirds, who had just had another lingeup change, this time featuring Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Beck left the group two months later.

  4. I sized up one. I couldn't fit a 29 when I first tried it on but I bet if I wore it enough to stretch it out it would have been perfect. I sized up to a 30 and it stretched quite a bit about an inch or so like Sidney said. I love the fit of these 30s though, slim legs and relaxed waist. I have the anti-fit which I love. I don't regret not buying the 29s. Me and sidney basically did the same thing, sized up one from our true waist and we have the same fit.

    see the problem is, i'm naturally a 35, so i'm not sure if the 34 will shrink, or if i'm gonna have to work it to oblivion and back before i have any leeway and movement in them around the waist. i'm not fat, but i do appreciate a little room here and there, because when i wash them, i expect shrinkage.

  5. Hey, I'll complain about the fact that you guys never have to worry about being 'too short' for a particular chick (I have female friends 5'2 and refuse to go out with a man shorter than 6'! wtf?:( ). I'll complain about the fact that you guys can actually touch the hoop of a basket ball ring without the aid of a ladder or trampoline. I'll complain about the fact that you can breath the fresh air above the heads of us normal sized people in a mosh pit, while I get stuck sucking down the underarm BO of the fug in front of me. I'll complain about the fact that no one will see your bald spot because only Paul Bunyan can see over your head.

    But I won't complain about long inseams. :D

    haha points - one downside though - we get the rain before you all down there do

  6. Unfortunately Self-Edge is the only U.S. retailer of Flat Head clothing and denim. Fortunately, it'd be way less costly for you to buy it with free shipping, and pay for postage to exchange for a proper size if it doesn't suit your liking. In fact, that premium of postage is a fraction of actually going to San Francisco yourself. Just my two cents.

    true, but its still an issue with the waist. did your 3001's stretch considerably in the waist? cause if they stretch a good ammount, i can probably deal.

  7. alot of you taller people are pretty lucky compared to me. im like 5'5" and im around a 30-32 in length and usually alot of the denim i want are up in the 36's.

    it would be great if any one can hook it up with some names of denim i can get, just PM me because i do not want to start a whole new converation in a thread about longer denim. haha

    thats odd considering standard inseams on jeans usually only range between 30 and 36, but on models with 30-32 waist you normall only see 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 lengths. what brands are you looking into?

  8. I meant for jeans other than FH (didn't know BiG didn't stock FH). I guess if you really want these jeans, and you've checked the measurements against those of your other jeans that fit you well, then it's up to you to just take a deep breath and take that leap of faith. I'm sure there are similar jeans to the 3001, but they aren't the 3001, and in the end, if pics of the jean tug away at you as they do, then go for it. Best of luck.

    well hopefully i can make enough money to buy them - in the meantime, do you know of any store on the east coast that stocks FH's or other japanese denims, beside BiG?

  9. i'm not up to acid yet. college most likely. even then its not gonna be like a real kinda thing, acid/lsd hasn't been the same since it was banned in 1967. its all cut with weird shit and distributed by shady people. i'm no hippie, but i think there should at least be a rule that dealers should be nice, amicable, decent fellows.

  10. all your questions can be answered by looking in the Denim Encyclopedia:


    or use a search for soaking, or look for a tag about soaking.

    its not as simple to search/find these things as you might expect. maybe i'm just looking in the wrong place, but i already went through the encyclopedia thread, and i already searched soaking, and nothing worthwhile, or useful that explains it easily has come up - so if you might just give me the info here? that wouldbe great.

    EDIT: nvm, i got help from some garmentos.

  11. I'm the kind of person who doesn't just give up on a pair of jeans if there's a slight fit problem. If it's too big, I'll get them adjusted. If it's too small in the waist, I'll give it the old bakertowne waist stretch. But apart from one or two really big sizing mistakes, all of the jeans in my collection (90% mail ordered from overseas), fit well (though, some better than others, I have to admit). I don't really believe in the perfect fit anyway. A jean fits a certain way, I think it gives it character.

    That being said, nothing beats going into a store and trying them on. It's $300 for a pair of jeans that will hopefully last you half a decade of good wear. I think it's worth a 3 hour round trip (about the distance I'd have to go from Sydney to Newcastle. If Newcastle had any good jeans shops, that is. Too bad Sydney's just as bad. There's an absolute drought for good denim here. ).

    i too believe in trying clothes on before you buy them (and i believe in good tailoring as well), but there are no places on the east coast that stock FH, that i'm aware of at least BiG only has certain brands and other stores don't even have that much selection. SE is in san francisco unfortunately, so if i actually wanted to try them on its $150 ticket there, $300 for the jeans, $150 for a room for a night $100 for food and other expenses, $150 back. i'd be more inclined to order them obviously.

  12. question - i'm thinking of soaking my H&M sliq raws just to tighten them up a little, i've gone about a month. their not such a project that i'm concerned with them looking like my nicer pairs of jeans, but i think its time for a soak. i've never done it with my other jeans, i just wore them through for the 6 or so months, then washed, so i have no idea what i should do with the soaking - hot/cold, how long? etc. etc. - help me out, any general info is great, thanks.

  13. see i would, but i'm unsure of the waist, and i am in now way trying to get you all angry by making the comparrissions, but i'm just curious. the problem with the waist of the FH's are that they only go up to 34, but the waist sitting measured is 35 - i'm a natural 35 or so, but i'm not gonna throw $300 (w/ s/h) into a pair of jeans that won't fit. even going to BiG is a hike for me because i'm 1.5 hours outside NY, the only time i go is when i'm staying over with a friend and have time to kill. its not as easy to get to the places with the nice jeans - thats why i'm asking all these questions because i want clarity before i even consider buying. consumer prowess and what not.

  14. I asked a similar question last week. As long as they retain tabs and arcuates, Flathead won't allow their jeans to be exported from Japan (most stores still have only the old, arcuate-bearing styles in stock until the redesigns ship), thus it's impossible to order them directly from Japan (at least via rakuten storefronts). You can order them via proxy, but the shipping and service fees thereby make them only sligtly ($20+) or so less expensive than ordering from Self Edge, and Kiya offers the security of an exchange/store credit option, which proxy services don't...

    i see. do any of you know other places that ship flat heads in the us - and another question, how do the 3001 compare to the skull 5010xx one wash? also, whats the comparable samurai cut thats like the 3001. i'd really like some official japanese jeans (i have yet to enter the official realm), so i'm looking to see which fit close to the 3001 if i can't find them. thanks

  15. i don't think 3001s go past size 34, could be wrong though.

    see the thing is, i totally imagine they do, its just that their the kind that would only be sold in japan. like how sizes like those will only be around the source, but if i can find them, that would be awesome.

    question (edit): would it be cheaper to buy them through a japanese site, or is it worth doing it through self edge because of the return policy ($280 is a fucking lot fo money.) i'm deciding between these and some nudies - or i'm gonna go to blue in green and see what good stuff they have there. so help me out.

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