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  1. just finished The Beatles by Bob Spitz, moving onto Britpop - Cool Britannia and the Spectacular Demise of English Rock by John Harris. i have Kurt Vonnegaut's A Man Without a Country lined up, because the Britpop book is a bit too preachy and kinda boring, but ill see how it turns out.

  2. So I skipped my prom and ended up playing capture the flag with a bunch of new friends for about three hours. Right across from where my prom was. I could see it all happening in the window. I was immensely satisfied.

    i did the same, minus the caputre the flag - i went and saw 28 weeks later with my older brother who i haven't seen in a good long while. i was happy, but i felt sorta unfulfilled, and as the pics slowly disseminate onto facebook, the depression is slowly sinking in. luckily i still have next year.

  3. i havent had a pair of STF's for a long time, but this thread caught my eye, and i think i'd definately go for a pair as some bigger summer weight kinda jeans. i imagine 35x36 would do the strick, but how is shrinkage after a soak with these? i wore them as just jeans back in the day rather than what you're supposed to do with raw (or rawish) denim.

  4. just a question matt, what is your proposed price point? depending on the market, i guess if you're gonna play along with a story to the clothing, you need to put it in a price range that makes sense. april77 made the mistake of standing for "anti-establishment" while charging sometimes ridiculous prices for their clothing. if its gonna be playing off a DIY and up the roots kinda image and story, where each pair of jeans is made to make the wearer an authentic piece of living fashion, then i wouldn't want the jeans to cost so much that in honesty im buying into something that im not getting in return. if that makes sense...

  5. banksy hands down will(should) win out over anyone else out there right now.

    personally i dont even consider what writers do to be street art.

    +rep cause banksy is amazing. good taste

    i saw one of his rats down exmouth market just after it had been sprayed in the wee hours of the morning, very ballin' unto me.

  6. in england we have a saying,

    'beer then weed, you're in need. weed then beer, you're in the clear'

    you truly are a classy lady.

    usually i take it as it comes, if i start drinking first, so be it, if someone hands me a joint or a bowl, so be it. i don't discriminate.

  7. amps:

    marshall JTM45 1987X specs (repro)

    fender hot rod deville 4x10 (for sale)

    crate vintage club 2x12 (for sale)


    gibson sg classic

    gibson J45 acoustic (vintage 1966)

    assorted other goodies for amps:

    ADA MP-1 Preamp

    Alesis Midiverb 2

    Alesis Compressor

    i have a bunch of pedals too - i'll post pics later

  8. one more thing (before i go to bed cause AP tests are going to destroy me tmr)

    make it accesible and on an easy to interact basis. don't be like SelfEdge or Blue in Green and only offer select denims in one shop on opposing ends of the country. Have an online store, license it to boutiques and other stores, and make sure that it can be found (i'd rather try on a pair before i buy them, you know how it is). though you are going to be premium denim, make sure that your product distribution accomodates the customer as well, because if it does, more likely than not, they will always come back for more.

  9. to further elaborate - don't ever try to market to that set because in honesty, it makes up less than a percent of the people who buy jeans, and i'm glad you acknowledge that. keep the cuts silhouetted and make sure that women are offered just as nice cuts/styles as men because i know a lot of my lady friends complain that when i come in with a nice pair of raw jeans they always demand to know if they come in women's sizes.

    and in terms of production - don't be mass, but be accesible. its a pain in the ass going through ratuken fronts or proxies to get nice jap. jeans, or other foreign jeans. i know there are lawsuits and such that prevent some of the japanese companies, but in honesty, regardless of those, getting ones hands on a pair of sammies or FH's is equivalent to giving up an arm and a leg sometimes (i'm sure people on here will vouch for that)

  10. For those learning asiatic languages (if you don't already speak them), how hard is it to pick up on the basics. obviously japanese is different than chinese, and the chinese have many different dialects, but i'm just wondering if its worth taking as a summer course, or just getting rosetta stone and teaching myself.

  11. Based on your comparision to Nudie or Ernest Sewn as your elder peers, I'd say go in the opposite direction of these brands. Try not to make overpriced but poor quality denim that lacks in style. Try to go a step ahead. Offer a simpler, more inexpensive, everyday style of jeans that will be accesibly to everyone. Look tot he model of Cheap Monday, but capitalize on the premium denim market in such a way that brings in stylish and young consumers that will buy up your products. Skinny jeans are in, but don't stray to far from the basics - create a standard cut, offer a baggier cut, offer a skinnier cut, and offer a premium version of whichever cut you deem the most appropriate. Levi's has worked of the same basic jean cut for a good long while now, and its still proving to be effective. Personally, I'd like to see skinny jeans more akin to the Dior Homme or Ivalease Homme 19cm cut, but there should be more option to as how they come - light weight denims, raw, simple distressing (nothing that is gauche or ugly like some brands pump out and call "cutting edge"), even selvage if you can do it. Try to set yourself apart while not alienating the market.

  12. i'm beginning to question my questioning even further - to the point that i'm giving myself migraines

    i'm gonna hole up in a cottage this summer and write conspiracy theory books i guess.

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