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  1. I'm considering selling my friends percocets to fund my shopping habits.

    do it. i've sold pk's and what not on and off for about a year now, whenever i can find whatever. sometimes i actually just sell my allegra or singular, kids don't really bother to go to places like www.pharmer.org or sites like that to check around where im from, too stupid, but alas, its never enough to fund a shopping habit.

  2. dino might! what you think of that new wilco release?

    i was just about the say the same thing.

    honestly, i don't equate it with the band like most critics are, more of a down home country joe and the fish or early 70's grateful dead. the band are just at another plane of songwriting, but jeff tweedy still writes great stuff. i like it, its not yankee hotel foxtrot, but its good, nice relaxing summer album.



  3. just started Ordinary People by Judith Guest

    pretty fucked up all ready. i like it. last book for my Search for Self class. last book was the Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, which i was not digging what so ever. this one seems like a more messed up extension to Catcher in the Rye, which is an amazing book.

    still reading Britpop and other assorted goodies.

  4. I've been neglecting supertalk but its not as thought thats a real confession so here we go...

    ...I got my ass kicked about a week ago when i could have totally avoided it. In fact, I could have won, easily, but theres just something about bringing 20 people to a fight that I've always thought was a cowardly move. Anyway, I'm still trying to decide just what to do and whether or not I was an idiot in the forst place, so heres the background: I used to see this kid at shows all the time wearing big pants, fishnets, makeup, the works. Needless to say i hated him. Hated him more when he started showing up in girlpants and an atreyu hoodie. Even more when the kid took a liking to workout shorts and eulogy records shirts. I just fucking hate this guy allaround. So about a year ago he starts dating my ex. They have a kid...in the bathroom. Classy. Anyway, this guy has been talking all kinds of shit about me since hes started dating my ex , which has led to near violence several times (i kicked the door of his apartment in last month, one of his friends called the cops so i ran). Recently this asshole has started in on one of my little cousins (she goes to his highschool). I just cant tolerate it anymore so last friday when one of my friends called me saying he showed up to a local hardcore show, I laced up my docs and decided to settle it once and for all. Now I guess I am somewhat of a part of what you would call the "hardcore" scene. I am pretty well known and have many friends who would back me in just about all of the fights I get into (way too many). However, I make it known that I never want people to interfere in my fights. I'ts just not fair and definately not honorable or even manly to have all your friends jump in and beatup on one or two people, especially when youve been practicing mixed martial arts since you were in 5th grade and can hold your own. ...I digress... so i get to the show, make a b-line for this kid, grab him by the side of the neck and direct him to "get the fuck outside,no running this time" . Well needless to say, he brought friends and as soon as we get outside about 10 kids grab me and start to work me over with brass knuckles. I am fortunate in the fact that they were mostly pussies who couldnt throw a punch to save their life and i managed to get away with minor bruising and a black eye. I just dont understand why this stupidity is ubiquitous in the hardcore scene.

    life in a state of nature is violent, brutish, and short. pick you fights accordingly, and don't fucking let him get away with it. if i were you, i'd get to him psychologically rather than physically. fuck up his friends systematically when they least expect it so it leaves him with no base of protection to return to, then go for the real deal. the kid sounds like a bastard, and i realized at 14 that the hardcore scene was just way too violent for me, so i got out. if i were you, i'd forget about the rules of that scene and just go your own way.

  5. not political till the last verse really, but damn its good. anyone get the 7" single? torrential outpour blues is on it as a b-side, i wanna hear that shiiiiiiit

    im seeing the july 24th & 25th

    fuck yes.

  6. cool. i was very unaware of this company until i learned about denim and fashion as a whole, so i feel like i sorta got on the boat late..

  7. im still trying to figure out if there is anything from april 77 that exists over a 33 waist. is their?

    i dunno how their sizing goes, if its true to tagged size, just lemme know how it goes.

  8. what type jeans are tight from the waist to the knees, then loose/straight to the floor?

    new standard. the new cure is much more tapered. the new standard opens more at the ankle.

  9. i just got a dog??!?!?!?!

    this is crazy

    we're gonna teach it to be able to detect my sisters diabetes (highs & lows and what not)

    its a labradoodle, we named him london

    fucking sweeet.

  10. She says theres ants in the carpet

    Dirty little monsters

    Eating all the morsels

    Picking up the rubbish

    Give her effervescence

    She needs a little sparkle

    Good morning tv

    Youre looking so healthy

    We all say, dont want to be alone

    We wear the same clothes cos we feel the same

    And kiss with dry lips when we say goodnight

    End of a century

    Oh, its nothing special

    Sex on the tv

    Everybodys at it

    And the mind gets dirty

    As you get closer to thirty

    He gives her a cuddle

    Glowing in a huddle

    Good night tv

    Youre all made up

    And youre looking like me

    Can you eat her?

    Yes, you can.

    Oh, end of a century

    Oh, its nothing special

  11. is salvia not legal in the US? I was pretty sure it was.. in the UK you can buy it in head shops all over the place.

    its currently under statuet investigation by the US council on drug control, or whatever its called. its still legal, but their trying to putit on schedule 1 or 2 narcotics.

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