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  1. found a nice place by dumb luck on the Danforth two weeks ago, just happened to see the sign for a place above a yoga studio. It was just what I was looking for... but was snapped up two days later. Should've been faster.

    Now just waiting to hear back about a place right by Roncy/Queen. Not quite as nice, but the location works perfectly for my year. GF found the ad online and it looked sketch, with absolutely no interior shots, but it's fairly roomy given the location/price ratio, and all proper real wood floors.

  2. Pretty sure I was depressed for a few months there. Employment and a reconnect with some key friends has helped. Got a long-term plan in place now and am finally putting effort into things; tired of half-assing. Need to get things back on track, and I'm willing to make sacrifices to do it. No more jawnage for a good long while. Feelin XY's post.

    Don't want to deal with girls either for a while; last thing I need right now is a money-suck. Of course, that means I end up meeting 2 girls the past weekend, one I get along with well, but no real physical attraction, and the other... swoon. Ugh. Timing.

  3. +1 on Gafas, they were awesome to deal with last time I was there. And another +1 on local stock updates, much rather try things on first.

    I've ragged on the Drake before, but holy shit, their spicy mayo fries are goddamn amazing. Wanted to complain about the $12 drink I had, but then again, it was pretty generously-sized.

  4. Just delete the '&theater' part at the end of the address and it takes it back to the old school.

    I realized opening an image in a new tab brought me to the old school way too. Can't figure out how to get my flickr tab back, though.

  5. the kart is capable of at least 220mph at ssr7...

    with an X1 pushing it.

    i'm still playing with my ancient DFPro... anybody with experience with it and the newer wheels wanna fill me in on what i'm missing out on? there's not a lot of ffb, just resistance. the X1 almost always has a see-saw motion on straights too which is annoying. i'm using the wheel more and more and will probably want to make the jump to something new this year. still stick to the controller for rally though; just easier.

  6. my braking points seem to match up... and yeah, i was already cutting the chicanes, haha. will have to try bumping ABS up though, thanks.

    there's another new batch of Seasonal Events, and i like the trend. make me buy a car, but award me with way more than it costs, and a good chunk of xp? yes please. nascars at the nurb is way more fun than i expected. easy million too.

  7. people use the aids? on the yellowbird? shame.

    X1 is stupid fast. silver on monza, but was slightly off that time with the other two tracks. suzuka is crazy, and i don't think i'll ever gold them. no difference in the X1's past livery, all the same performance.

    wrong_move, good luck with the controller dude. i tried it and you just can't get the level of steering, it seems way too slow compared to the wheel. which is weird since every other car in the game suffers from the controller steering to absolute lock way too quickly.

    now that we can copy saves, i gave myself a nice FGT, for free. ahhhh.

  8. done it twice now :(. once ds3, once wheel. pedals are sticking though, so until i've got time to tear it apart and fix, back to pad. the last nascar special event is pretty much impossible to gold without the wheel though.


  9. haven't tried it myself, but i found an easy way to get rare paint chips:

    aw man, i thought it meant duplicate them, not just choose. oh well.

    i'll try it; have 27 cars in the "delivery" thing, and just finished the first a-spec series at level 20, haha.

  10. Whoa. I've been gone for a while... when did we get the old rep bars back? Nice.

    Bell mobility can eat a dick. I was waiting to hear back about a job interview today, and got a direct-to-voicemail message (despite having perfect reception). Went to check it, and had 2 actually, one spam. Hit 7 to delete it... and heard "you have no new messages". No missed call means I have no idea who the mystery message was actually from. I call the HR department to talk to the woman I talked to last week, and left her a message explaining the situation, and hoping that if it was infact her, that I can get any info I might've missed. If it wasn't, apologies.

    Friends are telling me I made the right move, to show I'm interested, but I feel like if I were in their shoes, it'd reek of unprofessionalism. FUCK.

  11. I find it only a bit alarming how I'm possibly at my most satisfied with myself right now, psychologically/mentally, despite the fact that I'm functioning on a level of moral bankruptcy I never knew I had in me.

    A friend asked me how I feel about the current situation, and I said half Rob Lowe from Wayne's World, and the other half Iron Man walking away from the exploding tank.

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