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  1. i cant stand people that tell me not to smoke coz it kills...i know, ive read the research..ill quit when i want to

    i hate it more when the same people that tell me not to smoke, drink and then ask me for a smoke!

    kindda hypocritical shit is that??

    You've actually read the research? Are you a doctor or a scientist or just a very informed consumer?

  2. I figure this is the better place to ask this than the video game thread. Any recommendations for games to play on my mac? Unfortunately, my macbook was the version that has video card that can't do 256 bit color, so no Fallout, Diablo 2, etc. era classics. I've played through a bunch of emulation, particularly SNES and N64, beat all of plants vs. zombies, got kinda bored of Minecraft, etc. I'm really looking for more time waster games, to pick up when I have half an hour to kill than something to dive into, in fact I'd prefer to avoid that because I usually play those kind of games till I beat them, and I'm too busy for that. This is reason is I don't install windows, because I'll waste too much time playing video games.

    EDIT: Okay, this was stupid of me to ask, though for some reason I've never thought of this before. The best answer for this to go browse piratebay's mac games section. There is pretty much everything you could want there.

  3. Yeah, mental health is so damn complicated. I've seen 3 at various points for various reasons, and only one of them was any good. Unfortunately I think a lot of people get turned off from one negative experience.

    I wish I still saw one, not because I'm depressed of anything, but as I think Sawyer sort of mentioned, they are really good at calling bullshit on some of the assumptions we make about our own lives. Everyone could use some tightening or loosening up, and shrinks are really good at it.

    So my feeling is, if you are interested in it remotely, go see at least one, and don't be dissuaded if you don't immediate find one that you have chemistry with. This is Sufu, aren't we used to searching for only the best of things?

  4. Durant is a great player don't get me wrong but Lebron was pretty much an obvious choice( as much as I hate the dude). He's just a complete all-around player who averages close to a triple double a game and improved his defense quite to earn himself a spot on the 1st All-Defensive team.

    I definitely agree that Durant should win 2nd place if there ever was one.

    As for my predictions:

    ECF: Heat v. Magic

    WCF: Lakers v. Blazers

    Finals: Lakers def. Heat

    MVP: Kevin Durant

    RotY: Blake Griffin

    Like people have said the West is pretty wide open. I like the Blazers as a sleeper team tho. I can easily see teams on the bottom last year make an interesting push.. (Rockets/Clippers/Kings even).

    With Lebron now with other all-stars his numbers should go down. Durant should be able to take the MVP this year.

    This probably isn't far off, though the Blazers are a big wild-card. The east has become even more top-heavy. I don't see the Celtics beating the Magic, obviously, and probably not the Heat. The Bulls, at this point, can probably beat them as well.

  5. dont know why the fuck you would do this and leave yellow dogs off. neg rep

    Who? Also, are you still using your tumblr? It's impossible to tell if it's updated.


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    I don't know why I spent 40 minutes doing this, other than because I was annoyed it didn't exist before. DUM and Billy and other people with non-tumblrs let me know if you want me to put you on this. Didn't include anyone that I didn't recognize, or who seemed to have a dead tumblr. Let me know if you missed you, and maybe I'll put you on. Also, you guys should all +rep me :D

  7. Any of you guys ever go to a psychologist? I always scoffed ( for lack of a better term) at it, probably from a place of pride/ superiority but I've been considering going lately. I'd be interested to hear what people thought of their own experiences, ie if it helped, was a good experience, worthwhile etc.

    Well it depends on what exactly you are looking for. Talk-therapy, probably. I think everyone could benefit it, with the right therapist.

  8. I dunno man.. people get all uppity when mass production techniques are applied to their food, but how else are we going to feed an entire nation? People wish it was still mom and pop, tenderly cutting and preparing each breast, sealed with a kiss as they hand it to you in some brown paper bag wrapped twine. Well, big news, but those mass production facilities have strictly regulated safety standards. That pink goo looks gross now, but it has been verified by some smart folks to be "safe for consumption." Same doesn't necessarily apply to mom and pop.. nobody can get after her for neglecting to mention that cold sore on her lip :P

    When its not mass food production, people LOVE IT. You don't hear anybody screaming OH GROSS when they learn how their silverware is produced in china at 1500 units/minute.

    Well you don't eat your silverware so the logic changes. How strictly regulated is also up for debate. The logic of your argument is that "it's a big business that the government gives some rules so they have to be doing it right" which is begging the question. Notice how there are fairly regularly food contamination scares? Not that this wasn't a problem in the past either, but I think it's fairly obviously that health and safety are only priorities up to a point.

    And that's not even getting to the heart of the matter of whether food is something that should be mass-produced like other widgets. Yes it's good that poor people can afford food, but if that food is made of empty-calorie McChicken goo, is the system really working?


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