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  1. dr_heech, paul, adh, robbie - denimz looking great! Mine got a bit more wear, altho most of december is being spent in suits :( I'll do one more wash before the final pics.

    Ahahaha! omfg - i'm going to have nightmares too :D


    What the hell is this? I hope it didn't cost much as it's going in the bottom of a heavy trunk with a big brass railroad padlock. The thing freaks me out.

  2. Holy shit! Makes me want to quote that scene from great gatsby.. :D

    The quality on the IH is nice, but the fit isn't my favourite, and i find the western styling to be limiting.

    atm, my 2 favorite flannels are visvim and nigel cabourn. for a budget shirt, the llbean signature line chamois shirts are great - nice, slim fit, and reasonably well made.

  3. I might be getting a pair of whiskey long wings as well. I didn't want to have the same shoe as anybody else on the comp but the price is hard to pass up... if I do, sorry RIFF!

    The more the merrier! Get them if you can - the whiskey is one of the nicest shell colours i've seen...

  4. Speaking of Take5 - their standard price (including 20% discount as a member) was in the same ball park or lower IIRC. And that is just for the fact alone that shipping cost and customs/taxes in HK are much lower than in Europe via DC4...

    Altogether, this is quite entertaining and rather interesting. I would like to know why after weeks of following-up only just now it dawned upon somebody that there are not enought jeans.

    I hope that not too many will jump the ship and we find a nice solution. How about a different model? Producing or waiting for a new batch could take rather long, most probably a year.

    The customs aspects for us might be quite "interesting" :(

    But I would be up for the 710 if we switched models :D

    Great pics Ika!

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