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  1. Well actually, it's what my jeans did yesterday...

    After the round of dog walking, family breakfast, uneventful ride to school, I got a call from Air Canada Cargo. I had received some freight from Australia!

    At last! I had been waiting for this since March!! We had to find a cheap way (relatively speaking) of getting it from Australia to Canada, and I was about to find out what happens when you don't use a brokerage company to import items for you...

    Heading out:


    Air Canada Cargo is out near Toronto's Pearson International Airport, quite a ways from where I live, so I filled up with gas. Damn!


    The airport grounds are huge and it was interesting, trying to locate AC Cargo...


    Finally found the place, went inside, and.... Had to take a number. :(

    Half an hour later, it was my turn. No package for me! Yet. I was given paperwork, which I had to drive over to the customs building - to clear my "import". This turned out to be less of a hassle than expected. It wasn't busy, and I got everything signed & stamped in 15 minutes.

    Then it was back to AC Cargo, where - of course - I had to take another number. Once I handed back the stamped forms, there was another lineup around the corner, where the entrance to the storage facility was.

    I got lucky and got called into the warehouse area almost immediately. Wow. The size of this place was mind-boggling. The logistics must be fascinating. I'm pretty sure photos would have been frowned upon, but I sneaked a cell phone pic:


    Grabbed my box, and got back ready to drive home.

    Some interesting signage on the premises:


    Traffic on the 401 sucks.


    So I amused myself by taking gratuitous denim shots! Other drivers must have wondered....


    Finally at home. I opened the box, to reveal......


    I had this beauty custom made for me by a framebuilder from Oz, called Tarn Mott (Primate frames). He does amazing work!

    Over the next few days, if I can find some time, I will build it up - perhaps another chapter in the WAYJDT thread! :)

  2. Since I've had a number of questions and comments about my reverse chamois Alden boots, here are some more pics and info for you.

    I originally found out about them through the Alden-of-Carmel site. Adam said: "This is a relatively new development for us. We will be showing some of the shoes that other retailers are doing with Alden. Each of the retailers will have their own sections on our website."

    Now for the boots:






    It's hard to capture the texture, but it's an oily rough-out. Jordan at Winn Perry helped me with the purchase, and one of the charms of this boot is the relatively little need for upkeep. He mentioned that a periodic application of Obenaufs would do the trick.


    It will be interesting to see how these age.... :)

    Slab - you may want to take at look at the Orvis Aldens, for a non-oily finish. I really liked the "all-weather" toughness of these, along with the crepe-sole comfort. And I prefer the 360 degree welts, too!

    Edit: some links for you...

    Winn Perry

    Orvis Aldens

  3. Mr. Invincible... Already have the no.1's...what else ya got? :D

    J/K! :) We love our babies! Wouldn't trade 'em for anything! They are second gen "golden doodles".

    >insert jokes here<

    Brothers from the same litter. The little guy is more poodle-y, and the big guy is more golden lab-like. Really sweet, good tempered dogs. Highly recommended! :)

  4. Ha Farmer - nice!!

    Lazy Sunday here ... Spent the day sorting through stuff in closets & posting stuff for sale. Even the puppies just wanted to sleep.

    We got out to the playground for a bit with our daughter. Had a contest to see who could jump furthest off the swing...



    She won by a country mile!

    Then she & her friends wanted to do that spinning thing....


    I had to stare at my feet for a while until the nausea went away...


    Now for a nice hot shower to warm up!

  5. part 2....

    Back home, and time to take the pups out for a walk.

    Then most of the day was spent on conference calls and doing emails.

    I had to run a bunch of errands, and have a quick, informal meeting with a client. I made one sartorial concession.... :)


    This stuff is like crack:


    The day went by quickly! I found some nice ducks at the grocery store, on my way home... Dinner was roasted duck and vegetables.

    The cooking area:


    The bird:


    Over the weekend I had time to poach some pears, and today, they were ready to be removed from the liquid, to be wrapped in their pate brise shell... And voila! (with freshly made raspberry coulis)


    (This was our belated anniversary dinner!)

    Is it R&R time yet? Wait! What's that I see over there? Oh oh. Time to clean up....


    Gerbie the gerbil is a shredding maniac! She can go through an empty paper towel roll in about 5 minutes flat. When she's got nothing to shred, she expresses her displeasure by shoving everything out of her cages... Yep, she's got two cages, and a "county club", all joined together by tubes...

    This is what happens when your child convinces you to get a $10 gerbil, and you then find out it comes with $300 worth of "accessories"! :P

    Now to help with homework, bath and reading a bedtime story. Planning to spend the rest of the evening browsing through this:


    G'night! :)

  6. Great stuff -Z-, Farmer & Shangers!

    day in the life of my jeans....

    Part 1...

    Stayed up late last night with out-of-town visiting friends.... 6AM came early...

    Time to feed the boys:


    Then it was breakfast for the family - and a quiet moment with a mocha: expresso & choclate milk..Mmmm!


    Now my favorite part of the day: time to hop on the bike & take our daughter to school. If the weather is nice, she is on her trailer bike. If it's miserable, she stays comfy inside the child trailer.


    Much of our route is on a paved trail, avoiding streets. The city is criss-crossed with quite a large network of trails. If we leave early enough, we can stop and take in the scenery.


    It's an amazing way to start the day...


    Sure beats sitting in the middle of this:


    One of the highway overpasses. Our daughter is convinced there is a troll under this bridge.... So we keep our eyes peeled and bomb through as quickly as we can!


    But the woodland creatures are her friends! From earlier in the year:



    Today another deer bounded by us - too quick for my point-and-shoot....

    On one of the many wooden bridges we cross. We carry bread crumbs for the ducks, but they weren't around this morning...


  7. hey guys bumping the thread up :) , ok this may be annoying but i really in need of help. how much are the no1 denim gonna shrink and stretch ? are they really gonna shrink 2 sizes in the waist ? i am planning to buy no1 #2000 denim, i usually wear size 30 in every jeans (eternal,pbj 007), should i get this in 32 or even 31 ?

    When I was in Tokyo last year, I went to the Evisu store for a pair of the No.1 2000's. I wear a 30 in most jeans, and the guys at the store sized me up by two, to a 32.

    I was shocked at how much they shrank down in the waist! Granted, I wanted a "regular" fit on these, and it's not baggy at all. Not sure if my intestines would have survived trying to stretch out a 31!

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